Republic of Bausman

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In the year 2019 on the 24th day of the seventh month. The North Bausman Republic was formed. It would be later in 2020 that The nation would change its name after conquering the Village of Bausman. The new flag is coming soon on December 25th. There are four states each with a governor election coming soon. North Bausman as a capital State, Doctown, Georgeville, and St Peters. There are four political parties, Conservative, Social economic, Throne, and United Party.


In the weeks following November and December 2020, the Republic of Bausman has created multiple states.

North Bausman- Capital State the original area of the nation

Doctown- This state commemorates the recent loss of the Prime Ministers family dog named Doc. This area was formerly the Village of Bausman from 1900’s to 2020. Before it was the Bausman village it was Hempfield during the 1600’s to 1900’s.

Georgeville- This area is named after King George III. It was the very first annexed territory. Originally it was the Lancaster community Park.

St. Peter- This state predominantly Catholic ass it is named from the church in the area.

New Hamilton- This state was going to be controlled my a friend of the leader. However the friend declared independence.