Republic of Arvas

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Republic of Arvas
Ла Респбликас де Éрвас
Coat of arms
Capital Uens
Official languages English, Arvasian, Russian
Denonym Arvasian
Government De facto Dictatorship
Leader President Luch Daudzaz
Founded 23 June 2009
Area ?km²
Location North western Europe
Population 5
Currency Arav (ā)

Arvas, also known as Érvas and officialy the Republic of Arvas, is a micronation situated partially inside northern Baltia. It was founded by 3 Cheslovianss and 2 British citizens. Arvas is considerd the most hostile nation of Baltia; the three Cheslovian citizens have a great hatred for Urosh Dushanov and Yaana Kozhets. Luch Daudzaz, one of the British founders, fought against Cheslovia during the Invasion of Tamir, however it has been confirmed by Vasili Uladmov that Luch daudzaz is a fairly neutral person and has no prejudice views against Cheslovia.


Much of Arvas is located out side of Baltia, only one Province is located in Baltia: Besliauscu. Besliauscu is a small strip of land which passes through the Kelev and Narek Plains.


The BCSA is cautous towards Arvas. The original idea for Arvas was different, it was originally going to be a Federation located entirely in Baltia. However it is being used in spite against Urosh Dushanov and his government.

Relations with Cheslovia

Arvas is currenlt only de facto recognised by Cheslovia, no formal document has been signed as of yet. Personal issues between Yaana Kozhets and a lesser known Cheslovian citizen, Tanya Kasyarsukovak have had a great impact on Cheslov-Arvasian Relations. Despite this, the two British founders of the nation are neutral towards Cheslovia, this is extremely fortunate for Cheslovia as they are the heads of government in Arvas, Vasili Uladimov is a friend with one of the British founders.

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