Republic of Arland

The Republic of Arland, informally known as simply Arland, is a parliamentary republic in the American West Coast belonging to the Prime Minister, [empty]. It has a population of 1, and its constitution has not been drafted. The Republic of Arland has approximately 0.144 acres of territory, and it wishes to expand upon this to accommodate for its agricultural, industrial, and residential needs. The nation has one political party, the Liberal Democratic Party. With new population on the rise, Arland should have more political parties following it.


Arland has a long history, as it has been under several separate names. It started out as a revival of the founder's past nation, Ryori. This nation was previously hosted on the popular simulationist website The nation had been revived after almost a year of inactivity, and not much was done with it until 2017, when it was given a different name and began gaining citizens. In 2018, the nation changed back to its old name, Ryori, and its population and activity declined once more. The cause of inactivity in the nation was most likely due to the fact that the founder did not have enough spare time to continue building the country. After another year of inactivity, it was revived once more, under the new name, the Republic of ArlandCatgeory:North American micronations