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Micronational Republic of Herba
  • None (de jure)
  • Formosa (de facto)
Largest city
  • Formosa
Official languages
  • Portuguese and Latim
Recognised regional languages
  • Portuguese
Ethnic groups
  • 75% Brazilian
  • 25% Other/Indeterminate
  • Christianity
  • Herban
  • Constitutional Federal Republic
Independence from the Federative Republic of Brazil
• Declaration of Independence
  • 20 of March 2020
• Total
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• Water (%)
  • 0%
• Estimate
  • 4
  • Pacat (Out of use)
  • Real (In use)
Time zone
  • UTC -3
Date format
  • dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the
  • Right

The Micronational Republic of Herba (In Portuguese: República Micronational de Herba / In Latim: Reipublicae Micronationalibus Herba) also known as Herba is a self-declared micronational state, Herba is localizated in South America.

Declares Independence from Brazil in 20 of March 2020, established as Republic.


The head of state is the President, he decide everything about the country, the vice-president help his in the decisions. Herba has 3 Government Resourses:

  • Essential Services Resourse - Security, Education, Health, others.
  • Development Resourse - Economy, Environment, others.
  • Foreign Relations Resourse - International resources.


Herba has tropical and semi-arid part. The country is has a part in a little mountain.

Foreign Relations

Herba actually don't have any International Relations.