Republic of Alovia

The Republic of Alovia is a subdivision of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland. It is the de jure capital province of the nation.

Republic of Alovia

Capital cityYates, City
Official language(s)American English
GovernmentSub-national Republic
- GovernorLeon Ulyanov
Area claimed1950.594 miĀ²
CurrencyKirkish Ruble
As Alovia is located on Micras, some information contained regarding the republic is fictional. This does not extend to other republics of Kirkland.



Alovia became a part of Kirkland after a claim was filed with the Micronational Cartography Society on November 30, 2011. Upon incorporation in Kirkland Leon Ulyanov was given the governorship of the Republic.

The government of Kirkland is currently working to create a fictional history surrounding the Republic that will better explain the region and its history


Alovia is set in an area of rolling hills. To the southwest there is Mt. Isa which is the highest peak on the continent of Corum. To the east is the Eastern Ocean which is the largest body of water on the planet.


Alovia is governed by the appointed Governor. The Governor of Alovia is permitted to institute any policy necessary for the smooth operation of the Republic. of course the national government may direct the Governor in certain actions but for the most part the Governor is permitted to undertake any actions necessary.


The economy of Alovia is dominated by the silver mining industry. There are large to moderate sized silver deposits through almost the entire area of Alovia. Mining and refining of silver are the largest industries in Alovia.

There is also a small industry around the collection and refining of natural gas but this is a very small part of the economy of Alovia. Because of the availability of natural gas, must buildings are both powered and heated by natural gas.

Farming plays a role in the economy of Alovia as well. Because of the long winters the growing season is relatively short. The primary crops in Alovia are corn and grain. The farms in Alovia, along with fish from the Eastern Ocean, are able to provide all of the basic food needs of the citizens of Alovia so the Republic does not need to import food.


The only naval base in Kirkland, the Ulyanov Naval and Air Base (UNAB), is based in Yates City. The entire People's Naval Defence Force is based out of UNAB. UNAB is also the home of the entire People's Air Defence Force. UNAB holds the combined headquarters of the People's Naval Defence Force and the People's Air Defence Force in Building B.

UNAB also houses a large contingent of the People's Revolutionary Army. This contingent has grown to be large than both the PNDF and PAF forces that we originally the only occupants of the base. Now the base holds an infantry division and an armored division of the PRA. These divisions hold regular war game exercises to ensure that the troops are kept fresh and ready