Reichsprotektorat Hesse

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Reichsprotektorat Hesse
—  Protectorate  —

Nickname(s): None
Country Ausveria
Founded January 9th 2021
 - Reichsprotektor Robert D.
 - Total 3
Time zone Eastern standard time

Reichsprotektorat Hesse was a Protectorate of Ausveria located in Florida that was established on January 9th, 2021.


The area was originally part of a now defunct micronation called the Hessian Empire, the Hessian Empire was founded on April 23rd 2019 and ceased to exist in September of 2020, in 2021 the Former Leader of the Hessian Empire became an Ausverian citizen and the former territory became part of Ausveria.

In october of 2021 Hesse became an Ausverian province.



The area is the furthest territory of Ausveria being located in florida.