Reichskommissariat Bellmore

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Reichskommissariat Bellmore
—  Territorial Entity belonging to Ausveria  —
Nickname(s): None
Country Ausveria
Founded March 9th 2021
 - Reichskommissar Undecided
 - Total 0
Time zone Eastern standard time

Reichskommissariat Bellmore is a territory of Ausveria that was established on March 9th 2021.


Reichskommissariat Bellmore was originally part of the United States Of America until being annexed by Ausveria shortly before the Gayverian-Ausverian War, the territory borders Gayveria's Long Island claim and was the staging ground for several raids.



The area mainly consists of flat asphalt as a large portion of the area was once an overflow parking lot for a nearby American train station.