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Abelden PrintWorks
Purpose/focusSecurity works, etc
HeadquartersVolkania, Abelden
Region servedIntermicronational
Official languagesEnglish
PresidentPatrick Renwick

The Reichsdruckerei, also known as Abeldane PrintWorks is an Abeldane company that provides monetary design, primarily for coinage, and previously for banknote. It was created by HIRM Emperor Stephen on the 6 June 2014, the same day that Abelden was established. It is currently led in its present form by Patrick Renwick. It is the principal designer of the Abeldane Trimole, and has historically designs for several micronations such as Bosmansk, Sorrenia, Kid United Republic, Humanytaria, Nolland and Paravia. Tough historically focusing on banknotes and stamps, the company today primarily designs coins.


Below is a selection of banknotes designed by the Reichsdruckerei.