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Regional session system
LocationCupertino Alliance
TypeGovernment policy
CauseDelegate inaccessibility of sessions due to geography
Organized byChair Jayden Lycon
Minister Sertor Valentinus
OutcomeReform of the Parliament of the Cupertino Alliance, formalization for session planning, increased delegate participation

The regional session system is a current government policy executed by the Cupertino Alliance government of Jayden Lycon on September 2020.

Establishment of Regional Ministries and Sessions Act
Created 29 August 2020
Ratified 1 September 2020
Authors Sertor Valentinus
Signers Member states of the Cupertino Alliance
Purpose To establish the specialized ministry known as "Regional Ministries"

The Establishment of Regional Ministries and Sessions Act, commonly shortened to the Regional Sessions Act, is a landmark act in the Cupertino Alliance designating the Division of European and African Affairs and the Division of Asian Affairs as regional ministries, granting them the power to host sessions, and changing the main session schedule to occur fortnightly.