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(Heads of State)
(Heads of State)
Line 221: Line 221:
! Armistace
! Armistace
| Premiere Military Commander
| Premiere Military Commander
| Jeffery Clark
| Jeffery C.
| 2013
| 2013
| Current
| Current
Line 227: Line 227:
! Comustace
! Comustace
| Workforce Supervisor
| Workforce Supervisor
| Tommy Chavez
| Tommy C.
| 2013
| 2013
| Current (Provisional)
| Current (Provisional)
Line 239: Line 239:
! Ferastace
! Ferastace
| Premiere Network Coordinator
| Premiere Network Coordinator
| Michael Brady
| Michael B.
| 2013
| 2013
| Current (Provisional)
| Current (Provisional)
Line 245: Line 245:
! Indistace
! Indistace
| Premiere Intelligence Officer  
| Premiere Intelligence Officer  
| Nicolas Dowdy
| Nicolas D.
| 2013
| 2013
| Current
| Current
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! Judistace
! Judistace
| Premiere Judicial Representative
| Premiere Judicial Representative
| Matthew Heath
| Adam H.
| 2011
| 2013
| Current (Provisional)
| Current (Provisional)
Line 263: Line 263:
! Natustace
! Natustace
| Premiere Environmental Surveyor
| Premiere Environmental Surveyor
| Britney
| Britney C.
| 2020
| 2020
| Current (Provisional)
| Current (Provisional)
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! Popustace
! Popustace
| Premiere Voice of the People
| Premiere Voice of the People
| Xenith Takiane
| Shawn F.
| 1999
| 1999
| Current
| Current

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2:1Emblem of regelis.png

By the shield, not by the sword.
United States, Indiana
Capital cityNone (Regalia predesignated)
Largest cityNone (Regalia predesignated)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentTechnoomeritocratic oligarchical republic
LegislatureHouse of Judges
EstablishedNovember 22nd 1999
Area claimed3 Acres
{Contains only citizens with national ID numbers.}
CurrencyHouro or H (Pinned to the value of a Person Hour)
Time zone-5 EST (Offically unestablished)
ISO 3166: RG REG 636 (proposed)
National animalPhoenix


Regelis /'ɹɛɡʌlɪs/ [re-gull-iss] or /'ɹɛɡjulɛs/ [reg-oo-less], is operated through a combination of governmental systems. Technocracy is a form of government in which engineers, scientists, health professionals and other technical experts are in control of decision making in their respective fields. In a Noocracy, power is acquired and maintained according to the laws of competition, and would remain in the hands of the political elites but with these elites being professionally trained, making the most of the analysis, the forecasts and the propositions emanating from a vast array of advisory groups made up of experts from all areas of science, and setting up fieldwork experiments. Finally, a Meritocracy is a system of government (based upon aristocratic or oligarchical structures) or other organization wherein appointments are made and responsibilities assigned to individuals based upon demonstrated intelligence and ability (merit).

Meritocracy itself is not a form of government, but rather an ideology. It is often the case that meritocracy itself is confused as a type of government, rather than correctly as a methodology or factor used in or for, the appointment of individuals to government. Individuals appointed to a meritocracy are judged based upon certain merits which could range from intelligence to morality to general aptitude. Regelis is a Technoomeritocratic Oligarchical Republic. A ruling body of a small number of individuals, leaders of their fields elected by the people by merit of their works, who execute to the best of their ability their positions with advisory from all potential vectors.

Basic Law

  • Age of Labor - 15
  • Age of Consent - 16
  • Age of Emancipation - 18
  • Age of Intoxication - 18
  • Legalized Substances - All used in home, but none in public. Possession legal in limited quantities in the home, distribution limited to Schedule A (alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana). Possession outside of the home is illegal, but penalties range from fines to community service.
  • Homosexuality - Legal
  • Homosexual Marriage - Legal
  • Polygamy - Legal
  • Polygamous Marriages - Legal
  • Divorce - Instantaneous. Declarable by a single person. No license for marriage actually exists in Regelis. It is treated as a religious ceremony.
  • Inheritance - 90 day period


Regelis was originally founded by a group of students from within the Florida state's gifted student program under the name Kaos. An assignment was given to students to create and maintain a model nation, and to take part in diplomatic relations with other classmates. This assignment began a desire in the original founders of Kaos to create an actual nation. After their school assignment had ended, that group of individuals worked to maintain the Kaosian government structure. Originally formed as a military dictatorship, through operation, members of the Kaosian government began to understand a need for government reform. The classwork the students began to understand the need for negotiation and open mindedness to other cultures. A novel concept was created at this time, the Meritocracy portion of the governmental ideology. They maintained topical interest in the project for some period. However, the original members of the Kaosian government departed over time and distance.

With the advent of the open internet; services like Facebook, Internet Relay Chat, and Skype underwent widespread use. The former Kaosian government was able to restructure with like minded people online and in person. In 2008 after a move across the United States, an original founding member of the group reformed the nation into the oligarchical Regelian government. After few years of here and there topical interest the group that originally created the Regelis government departed over time and distance. Doing this gathered interest of friends and online contributors who began to build a small, but dedicated, community for the growing nation. After a flurry of activity from pocket online groups the new caretakers of the Regelis nation concept opened up officially for public citizenship 2011 Sep 21 Wed.


With the advent of the open internet, Facebook, Voice over IP services, and IRC like group chat services under wide use Regelis was able to restructure with like minded people online and in person.

In 2008 after a move across the United States a founding member of the group reforged the haphazard set of documents forming a cohesive ideology and culture of thought. This gathered interest of friends and others online building a small but dedicated community for the micronation.

After a flurry of activity from pocket online groups the new caretakers of the Regelis concept opened up officially for public membership at the beginning of 2011. Regelis has maintained that it has permitted any interested individuals to join as a citizen of Regelis at no cost since 2011. The government appears adamant in maintaining no cost citizenship to any person capable of proving a proficiency of the English language.


Regelis has developed a clear ideology and set of expectations of its citizens. Citizens are preferred to keep to themselves in public spaces, to avoid conflict triggering actions, violence, disruptive speech, or offensive imagery. At the same time venues are open to display freedom of speech and expression, with no threat of censorship.

Citizens are encouraged by the government to take competitive rates of pay, and to work on their own self fulfilling projects. Becuase of the universal basic income that Regelis provides, it is expected that businesses incentive the public to enter the workforce through quality of life programs and monetary benefits. As a result of this government maintained economic program, the value of work has become vital to businesses who must compete amongst each other to acquire skilled labor.


The view of religious practice in Regelis is fairly neutral. In the state and government sphere the occurrence of organized religion is fairly sparse. Practitioners and members of religious organizations are taxed for their practice as is any other citizen or company account. Regelis has no official religion, and references to religious iconography during state operations opens a speaker up to a battery of questions and distrust in the rational decision making of their operations.

Intellectual Property


Relationships in Regelis are viewed as personal matters, and marriage as a religious ceremony. Marriage is viewed is a promise of from one person to another to maintain monogamy within a relationship. Divorce is legally easy to perform as the separation is instantaneous if only one party agrees and there is not suitable license. Possession of belongings in a relationship are always treated the same regardless of the apparent quality or longevity of that relationship. They are split to the purchasers, and if neither can agree on an ownership, it is claimed by the state instead.

As a result of the view of marriage as a religious event, people are open to practice their religionous views without fear of ostracization. Thus, homosexual marriage is legal in the state of religious without any restrictions. Polygamous and polyamorous relationships are also legal.


Holidays and Events


With this system of government, the leading party is chosen by the people determined by their range of credibility. The most credible and contributive to mankind as a whole should be elected to serve a term in office. The highest ranking official in office, is a Stace. A stace is a single member of a small council. This council's only function is to make the final decision as what new policies to enact upon the state. The Council of Staces, is informed by a publicly elected House of Associates. The House of Associates serves the role of a parliament, with staces acting as the main speakers. The associates within the house each represent one field within the eleven bodied government consortium. All associates act under one of the Staces, and report vital and influential data directly to the Council of Staces.[opinionated]

The Associates have a barrage of advisors that provide information to direct the associates' main focuses. Advisors, obtain information directly from scientists, researchers, and civilians within their given aspect of government. Advisors collect data to represent new policies provided by associates to be passed by the Council of Staces via popular vote. The Council of Staces then distributes orders to be followed by District Chairmen, to change public or international policy. In the event that any policy disregards any of the basic fundamental human rights. It can be declared “perilous aevum”, and disregarded in popular vote by the House of Judges. Otherwise, the House of Judges put the law into effect through district courts. [opinionated]


The Regelian structure of government.

Population makes up the foundation of the structural hierarchy of governmental power. The people democratically elect representatives from every part of the hierarchy from the individual team level, to the Council itself. Law enforcement and legal professionals are hired from the pool of public career workers. Scientists and researchers come from education spaces, academic centers, and colleges. District chairs are traditionally grown from grassroots lobby groups, and public interest electoral committees. Public speakers make their way up the political ladder.

From this level of development, scientists and researchers might be poached from organizations and teams by the government to become advisors leading their respective fields of study. District courts will tend to seek skilled law enforcement personnel, or experienced legal practitioners to serve the justice system under district or regional courts. Districts each have their own judges, chairmen, and advisory committees. Districts are areas of the nation grouped into similar sizes. There is no limit the numbers of these districts, and mainly serve as arbitrary divisions to cut the overhead of managing a large unified group of people. District chairs will usually do what they can in the people's best interest. With enough public speaking experience will eventually make their way through the ranks, ending up as secretaries of state.

The last level of government is the House of Associates, built from advisors contained within districts. By being leaders in their fields, they will presumably promote the best suggestions of leadership. This voting republic is in the best interest to ease their own line of work, give a means for clear optimization of systems they use, and suggest quality of life improvements for themselves. The House of Councils should contain the secretaries that communicate with elected Premieres to promote advice from the House of Associate's. These suggestions should be put into action as these suggestions interest everyone in their own ministry. Through this selfishness of the ministries, the whole of the House of Councils moves efficiently. Populous based ministries take their leadership generally from politicians, field leaders, and the academic hierarchy so that both associates and secretaries have a clear line of succession (through death, abandonment, or election) to all of the ministries' positions. Lastly of course the House of Judges, voted in by their peers, stands to act as the moral leadership of Regelis. With the ability to veto and enforce law with direct access to district courts, should the House of Councils bypass the 1st appeal stage.


The House of the People consists of every citizen with the ability to vote.

The House of Associates consists of a large number of advisors with direct communication to the council.

The House of Councils consists of the 11 Premieres, 11 Vice-Premieres, and 11 Secretaries.

The House of Judges consists of 10 elected judges.

Legislative Process

A flowchart showing the operating order of appeals.

The House of the People requests a law.

The House of Associates either:

  • Accepts the proposal, and formally drafts a bill.
  • Declines the proposal, awaiting 1st appeal.

If accepted, the law is sent to the House of Councils for voting.

The House of the Councils either:

  • Accepts the proposal, passing it to the House of Judges.
  • Vetos the proposal, awaiting 1st appeal.

1st Appeal

The House of the people file an appeal with the House of Councils.

The House of Councils forces the House of Associates to draft a revised bill proposal.

The law is sent to the House of Councils for voting.

The House of Councils either:

  • Accepts the proposal, passing it to the House of Judges.
  • Vetos the proposal, awaiting 2nd appeal.

2nd Appeal

The House of the People file an appeal with the House of Judges.

The House of Judges forces the House of Associates to draft a revised bill proposal.

The law is sent to the House of Councils for voting.

The House of Councils either:

  • Accepts the proposal, passing it to the House of Judges.
  • Vetos the proposal, awaiting ratification of the proposal from the House of Associates.

Hereafter, the House of Associates may decline the proposal at their discretion. All future appeals are treated as initial submissions.


Image shows the physical seating arrangement of each voting member of the House of Councils during voting periods.
List of Regelian Ministries
Ministry Job Duties
ARMI Regulates the Army, Navy, Air Force, Guard, and Sentry. Military force is to be managed as a shield, not a sword. Public knowledge of sensitive military operation is key.
COMU Implements measures to impair the ability of corporate enterprise to produce substandard goods. Manage and maintain logistics systems to calculate the maximum efficiency of resource acquisition, the transport of goods and services, and other logistical operations.
EMIS Manage political (or otherwise) refuges, grant asylum and protection from oppressive governments. Maintain foreign policy, trade, and international affairs in an attempt to minimize classism based international political agendas.
FERA Limit the effect of cyber-crime related activities against national communications infrastructure. Implement a country-wide network that must offer truly free, democratic voting to the entire population. Offer public access to government agenda and policies to be criticized in great detail.
INDI Manage the eminence data processes involved in analysis of personal information. To represent both the public view, and to inform the public about the general state of communal infrastructure. Maintain and improve the quality of communication channels. Acquire knowledge as a resource. Contribute to publicly available research for general education.
JUDI Manage law enforcement entities in co-operation with the Guard and the ARMI ministry. Manage emergency executive orders in the Justice System, Penal System, and Written Law. Provide legal representation for the citizenship.
MONI Manage the efficiency of general goods and services, general “work based” finances and provisional services for the good of the public at large. The state has to keep a constant watchful eye on the movement of inequitable gain of resources and the fair distribution of those resources to reduce or eliminate poverty.
NATU Maintain the health of the environment and efficiency of generalized agriculture. Manage the analysis of land for the use of cartography and resource acquisition. Oversee construction projects in every sector, civilian or corporate enterprise to affirm those involved adhere to environmental guidelines.
POPU Support and represent the voice of the people in all aspects of government and public affairs. Maintain the generalized abolition of censorship in publicly accessible media. Manage religious diplomacy and enforce legal mandates on said organizations. The health of the people will stand before beliefs in every instance.
REMI Maintain the organization of an emergency response team in the event of a disastrous situation. Manage nationwide EMS stations and hospitals to respond to civilian health emergencies. Progress the field of medical research . Distribute vaccination statewide, and internationally if such an event requires.
SOCI Maintain the morale of the people through the use of positive public speech and transparency. Manage the national education curriculum and provide centers of learning and research as a whole the tools they need to succeed. Implement a statewide information database to be used as a source for research and technological progress available to the citizenship.

Armistace Ministry

Primarily, the Armistace exists to maintain peacetime readiness, and to manage military manpower. There are five branches in the military of Regelis. Of these branches, exist the Army, Navy, Air Force, Guard, and Sentry. The Army houses the states external ground forces, The Navy for sea, The Air Force for Air, and of course The Guard to secure the homeland from foreign invaders. A branch that you may not be so familiar with the state calls The Sentry, that protects the nation and its residency from attacks through its cyber-security infrastructure. As a general rule of war, the military force in Regelis is not to be managed as a sword. Rather, the force acts as a shield to protect its people from the threat of foreign policy. The Armistace will to the best of their ability provide public knowledge relating to sensitive military operations and advances, while at best avoiding breaches of national security. Please note that Regelis does formally recognize a six-star military rank, in the form of the Secretary of Arms, who does have operating authority over all five branches of Regelis' military force. The Armistace and Vicestace will mitigate the Secretary of Arms, and action may only be placed in the result of a majority vote among the government council. The Armistace is this six-star officer.

Comustace Ministry

Managing the workforce of any state will be a daunting job for any one person. Under control of the Comistace are Associates for; Corporate Enterprise, Incomes and Wages, Labor, Logistics, and Standards. Management of wages paid for contribution of civilian man-hours will be strictly up to the employer. However, legislation related to the minimum wages that must be paid by field will be the duty of the Associate of Incomes and Wages, and Labor. Exchanges in actual monetary return will be left to the Monistace, and Economic Secretaries. The Comistace must attempt to limit the spread of corporate enterprise, and to prevent the development of substandard goods. Goods like these that would normally be produced in order to reduce company costs and the cost of their products on the consumer. They will also direct manpower to progress the overall technology level of the state and maintain critical infrastructure. The maintenance of logistics systems in order to calculate the maximum efficiency of resources and transport of goods and service will be a duty imposed on the Comistace, as well as the standardization of weights and measures. Regelis will use the metric system of measurement for all trade, national and international. Where the Comistace controls the logistics of international and internal shipping, the Monistace will work with the Emistace to decide the specifics of what may be shipped, as well as international tariffs and taxes.

Emisstace Ministry

Political, or otherwise, refuges are an issue to most nations and must be dealt with in a sensitive manor. Information gathering from the office of the Indistace will be assessed in order determine the status of states worldwide. The Emisstace will grant asylum and protection by the state of Regelis from oppressive government powers at no cost to such refuges. National standards will be set in place, as no place of business will be required to communicate in a language other than English for any purpose. Direct communication in English is mandatory. Regelis does mandate that communication from businesses to their consumers for economic reasons provide a universal communication medium in the form of English, and in a base 10 number system. In a primary example, a business may list its ordering options in the form of English and in a foreign language; however ordering must not require a foreign name to be included but simply an order number. Remember that English is Regelis' national language. While mandating international trade regulations may be required, the office of the Emistace also mitigates international affairs in an attempt to minimize classism, especially as a basis of political agenda. Political diplomacy will not normally be handled by the Emisstace, but rather the Secretary of International Affairs.

Ferastace Ministry

The addition of the Ferastace into our governmental system gives Regelis a unique advantage over other states in such a connected world. Minimizing the effect of cybercrime related activities mitigated by the Ferastace, and the actual opposing force will be managed by the Armistace in direct control of The Sentry. Effective implementation of a state or worldwide social network with Regelis Government oversight will be provided free charge. This social network must be managed to protect the citizenship, and offer a truly free democratic voting system to the entire population, limited only by age and education standards. This network be made free, through public access, the government agenda and all policies. They will be criticized in great detail in an environment without censorship, in order to correct injustices imposed on the citizenship by the threat of corrupt government figureheads. As well is a censor free environment for discussion, this social network will log communication. Not for the reason of intruding on basic rights of privacy. In an supervised environment in order to reinforce social interaction, and best serve the communication capabilities of the public. Networking will be monitored to determine people in the citizenship that should be dealt with in a manor alternative to the usual standard. If there is a citizen for some reason with an extraordinary amount of “Denials For Communication” there may be a reason illegitimate. Reasons for these “Denials” may be sent to data centers for review, and to our intelligence offices for investigation. Reporting falsified, incriminating information may incite a penalty on the petitioner. This is a service provided to protect the public. Instead of closing off the government to our citizenship, Regelis seeks to mitigate standards in behavior to establish a moral equilibrium for the purpose of establishing rule of law. If a citizen has a problem with the way in which Regelis provides this service or how it is monitored, then they may freely discuss this with the government in the open forum the service creates. Ironically, making much argument to the legitimacy of states view of privacy rights known to every member of the public both national and international.

Indistace Ministry

The intelligence community of Regelis manages the eminence data processes involved in analyzing public information. It represents both the public view, and informs people of the general state of the nation's communal infrastructure. Maintaining and improving the quality of communication channels in the state and at the civilian level helps with the transfer of free information. General acquisition of knowledge is a resource, and contribution to a publicly available research archive will be made at all available times. The civilian population will take these contributions to research and may use it without repercussions for the purpose of general education. In the office of the Indistace lies the responsibility of making sure that government powers do not use personal civilian data for illicit purposes. Analyzing data from the social network of Regelis and the information it contains will be up to this office, as well as the Associates of Census and Information. Communications deal with all mediums of direct communication; internet, phone, radio, and video. Know that there is no person in direct control of censorship. The act of radio and video censorship in entertainment channels is actually overseen by the office of the Popustace.

Judistace Ministry

The Judistace manages law enforcement entities. Because the Law Enforcement organizations are mostly controlled in city sized jurisdictions, and the civilian population, not the military, is employed in a position of judicial power, the office of the Judistace must manage these law enforcement entities at the state level. This office also has power to issue executive order, in the event of a national disaster, such as to instate Marshall Law. Locating and focusing the nations manpower to repair the effects of such a national tragedy, and then literally implementing suggested actions to efficiently rectify its effects on the state, its people, and its economy will be a duty imposed on the Judistace as well. In general, the Judistace will manage a higher court in the form of The House of Judges. Management of the entire justice system will be imposed on the Secretary and Associate of Justice. The Judges of the House and District Judges will self-mediate. The Judistace will oversee the nation's penal system, and will implement all written law. District judges and Judges of the House will provide free legal representation from prosecuting authorities for the citizenship without compensation.

Monistace Ministry

Managing the logistics and efficiency of general goods and service, general “work compensation”, financial assistance, and provisional services for the good of the public at large will be in the hands of this office. General efficiency of resource acquisition, and material production methods will be monitored in order to protect the environment and consumers they may purchase such products. The state had to keep a constant watchful eye on the movement of inequitable resource gain and the fair distribution of those resources to businesses in the state. It will be up to the government Council to determine what is a “fair” level of economic competition. Taxation in general is managed by this office, and the taxation of larger corporate enterprises will be strained in order to resist their influence over the public domain. While large corporations like this may exist, they will require a much more exhausting toll for trade than smaller companies. Regelis' social network will be used at the premiere method of trade, and will be electronically equalized. This will in able trade in any elemental resource medium; especially Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium (called the 1B+78 Standard), of which will be the basic standard of Regelis' economy. In addition perishable agricultural resources, (like corn, wheat, and soybeans) and livestock may be traded easily in this social medium in the form of stocks. Regelis' social network can provide a live auction house for every member of its community and even trade internationally. Other economic valuing resources, not as perishable, including but not limited to; Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Oil, Natural Gas, and Sugar #11 may be a basis for the states economy. Rare metals such as Iridium and Uranium, and metals refined in bulk like; Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron and Steel, Tin, Titanium, and Tungsten may also base the economy at the trade currency level.

Natustace Ministry

Popustace Ministry

Remistace Ministry

Socistace Ministry

House Members

Provisional status indicates inactive members of government. Per house charter retain their positions until a suitable replacement can be found.

Heads of State

List of Premieres
Position Job Description Name Year of Election Year of Termination
Armistace Premiere Military Commander Jeffery C. 2013 Current
Comustace Workforce Supervisor Tommy C. 2013 Current (Provisional)
Emisstace Premiere International Ambassador N/A N/A N/A
Ferastace Premiere Network Coordinator Michael B. 2013 Current (Provisional)
Indistace Premiere Intelligence Officer Nicolas D. 2013 Current
Judistace Premiere Judicial Representative Adam H. 2013 Current (Provisional)
Monistace Premiere Economic Overseer N/A N/A N/A
Natustace Premiere Environmental Surveyor Britney C. 2020 Current (Provisional)
Popustace Premiere Voice of the People Shawn F. 1999 Current
Remistace Premiere Medical General N/A N/A N/A
Socistace Premiere Social Coordinator N/A N/A N/A
List of Vices
Position Job Description Name Year of Election Year of Termination
Vice Armistace Secondary Military Commander Christopher Lanning 2013 Current (Provisional)
Vice Comustace Secondary Workforce Supervisor N/A N/A N/A
Vice Emisstace Secondary International Ambassador N/A N/A N/A
Vice Ferastace Secondary Network Coordinator N/A N/A N/A
Vice Indistace Secondary Intelligence Officer N/A N/A N/A
Vice Judistace Secondary Judicial Representative N/A N/A N/A
Vice Monistace Secondary Economic Overseer N/A N/A N/A
Vice Natustace Secondary Environmental Surveyor N/A N/A N/A
Vice Popustace Secondary Voice of the People N/A N/A N/A
Vice Remistace Secondary Medical General N/A N/A N/A
Vice Socistace Secondary Social Coordinator N/A N/A N/A
List of Secretaries
Position Job Description Name Year of Election Year of Termination
Secretary Armistace Minister of Military Command Niesta Cortez-Dodson 2013 Current (Provisional)
Secretary Comustace Minister of Workforce Supervision N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Emisstace Minister of International Relations N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Ferastace Minister of Network Coordination N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Indistace Minister of Intelligence Office N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Judistace Minister of Judicial Representation N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Monistace Minister of Economic Oversight N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Natustace Minister of Environmental Survey N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Popustace Minister of the People N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Remistace Minister of General Medicine N/A N/A N/A
Secretary Socistace Minister of Social Coordination N/A N/A N/A


Image depicts the Regelian currency account management software. It automatically pays out the Universal Basic Income for Regelis, taxes citizens, and manages account transfers.

The base unit of currency used in Regelis is the Houro. This currency is pinned to the value of a person hour. The total currency in circulation of the nation is determined by the following formula: 8766 × population. This money is strictly maintained by a computerized balancing system. This version of the currency is kept in equilibrium with the nations universal basic income. For this reason the Houro is digital only currency with its accounts controlled directly by the national treasury and bank, under the Monistace.

Universal Basic Income

Each working class citizen, persons of the working age of 15, regardless of their ability to or willingness to work is paid a weekly stipend. This stipend is Regelis' universal basic income. Each week every eligible citizen is paid exactly 56 Houros to do with whatever they please. This is given to maintain or assist individuals over the line of poverty. The Houros issued by the state are indistinguishable from currency earned though work, and are grouped into the same personal account. Sharing this account with another regelian is not possible, fee free transactions can be made between any account.

Demurrage as Taxation

The universal basic income of Regelis serves as an economic class balance. Becuase of the amount given each week, and equal amount must be taken from the economy to balance out expenses. This form of taxation is a demurrage that universally removes approximately 2 to 4 percent from the account of every account in the Regelis banks, on Sunday of each week. After this amount is removed, it is redistributed to every working class citizens in equal measure. This raxation liquidates currency from large holders in order to incentivize spending, and give to individuals also to incentivize spending. The balance of this currency will mean that in general keeping more than 1 years salary in an account will prevent earning of a universal basic income. Having more will cause a person to begon to lose their savings. There is a separate savings account not impacted by this demurrage, to which depositing will effect the national holdings. Valued in resources like precious metals.

Advantages & Disadvantages

1B+78 Standard (Precious Metals)

Tiered economic strategies will be enforced to make sure that if perishables are used as economic standard for Regelis, that it will be equalized through the economy by gross weight. The value of the basic currency unit of will be standardized to particular molecular weight of the 1B+78 Standard, which will change with the price of 1B+78 Standard elements at any given time. 1B+78 Standard, if absolutely necessary can be changed to another standard at any time. Any citizen may request their currency be exchanged for the 1B+78 Standard, under the advice that the currency does in fact have value; also that withdrawing such resources may weaken the economy, the power of our currency in the international market, and that such resources are safer in the hands of the government. The citizen does retain physical ownership of the resources in the form of currency units. Regelis' social network makes it easy to trade in the currency and in 1B+78 Standard at the same time. This value of the standard currency unit and exchange rate to the physical 1B+78 Standard is available in real time, to any person nationally and internationally. In the essence of foreign trade, Regelis will attempt to gather foreign currencies in order to exchange them through trade to additional 1B+78 Standard resources. In short, any citizen may withdraw requested resources from the government. However, rather than having such resources in the unpredictable environment that is the public domain, having such materials guarded by the National Guard of Regelis is much more likely to protect nations economic structure. As a standard, 1 currency unit will be equal to minimum wage of the worlds strongest economy other than Regelis. This is theory would make the Regelis economies the strongest in the world, however, this concept is countered by another country doing the same with their own currency at a lower unit value. Currency is scalar, there is no be no inflation in the economy of Regelis. Because the economy of Regelis will be electronically equalized, an unseen floating decimal of nine 9 places well exist. The currency symbol for the Houro is H.



Bilateral Recognition

Unilateral Recognition

  • All member states of the United Nations