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| location_city =  
| location_city =  
| location_country = Kapreburg
| location_country = Kapreburg
| locations = 2
| locations = 1
*[[Île à Dumais]]
| key_people = [[Jack Morris]]
| key_people = [[Jack Morris]]
| products = Software, Video games
| products = Software, Video games

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RainDrop Technology Computer Company
FounderJack Morris
Number of locations
Key people
Jack Morris (CEO)
ProductsSoftware, Video games
ParentDumais-Couleuvres Holdings

RainDrop Technology is a software company, founded on 3 June 2017, it became the main company to release ZetaPlanet.

RainDrop was acquired by Dumais-Couleuvres Holdings on 16 February 2019.


RainDrop Technology was founded on 3 June 2017 by the CEO Jack Morris, whom created the website and logo for it.

RainDrop created a browser named GoldHeart, but they only made 3 versions and only 1 was released to the public.


RainDrop has employee applications showcased on their websites for upcoming programmers.[1]

Contact information

On the RainDrop Technology website, the footer shows two available contact options.

  • Email at raindropsoftware17@gmail.com
  • Call at (872) 208-8635