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|nat_animal        = White Tail Deer
|nat_animal        = White Tail Deer
|government     = Republic
|government     = Republic
|currency          = Posafi Dollar

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Republic of Quietrock

Unity and Trust
Capital cityQuietrock City
Official language(s)English
Short nameQuietrock
CurrencyPosafi Dollar
Time zoneGMT -5
National sportLacrosse
National animalWhite Tail Deer

The Republic of Quietrock is a micronation founded on March 7 2017.


The government consists on 2 people so far. The President, Nathan Michaeve and his adviser. His adviser reports to him about the issues inside Quietrock.


Quietrock declared independence on October 24th 2016. It was made after people trespassing on the property, so Nathan Michaeve declared Quietrock independent and marked its borders. The following months only 1 trespasser has been recorded on the territory.


The Posafi Dollar is the de-facto currency of Quietrock. The Posafi Dollar Unit was put into use on February 1st 2018, when Posaf and Quietrock began diplomatic relations.

Foreign Relations

Quietrock has established diplomatic ties with the follow micronations