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| regent = ''[[Prime Minister of Singa|See list]]''
| regent = ''[[Prime Minister of Singa|See list]]''
| reg-type = Prime Ministers
| reg-type = Prime Ministers
| successor = [[Tai the Great|King Tai]]
| successor = [[Taizu]]
| suc-type = Successor
| suc-type = Successor
| spouse =  
| spouse =  

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Jess Sum
Queen of Taoping
Unrecognized by herself
Reign 16 July 2014 - 13 December 2015
Predecessor Throne established'
Successor Taizu
Prime Ministers See list
House House of Sum
Born 5 April 1984
Flag of British Hong Kong.png Hong Kong
Occupation Actress, Model, Host

Jess Sum Cheuk-ying (traditional Chinese: 沈卓盈) (born 5 April 1984) was the first Monarch of the Taoping Kingdom, the Government of Taoping proclaimed its allegiance to Jess Sum as queen of Taoping. However, she did not accept either the role or the title, her role as queen remained unrecognized by herself. After the Dongji Revolution she was abdicated in favour to King Tai on 13 December 2015.

Jess Sum is also an actress in Hong Kong under TVB. She filmed in many TVB shows since she started working in the company.

Queen Sum at the 2005 Hong Kong flower show
Queen Sum appears on Taoping currency 2014-15
Monarchical styles of
Queen Sum
Reference style Her Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style