Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus

Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus was a Quebec court case in which John I was declared guilty of treason and contempt. The case commenced with the evidence being presented against John I. After more evidence was brought up, His Majesty slipped into contempt after he talked out of turn four times.

Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus
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Hearing: April 10, 2019 (2019-04-10)
Decided: April 10, 2019 (2019-04-10)
Full case nameQuebec versus the King of Baustralia for committing High Treason against the Republic
CitationsQuebec v. John I
Court Membership
JudgeHis Majesty Cameron I


The King respectively spoke out of turn many times, sometimes murmuring. It was transcribed that he called the judge a "whiny bastard", failing to rescind his statement. He pled not guilty, however, he was sentenced as guilty, charged with treason and contempt. He then was punished by being titled 'The Dishonorable'. However, he was advised that he never held citizenship. He then up and left, and was never legally punished due to the Courts not holding any legal jurisdiction over him.