Quebec v. Kapreburg (2019 MFF World Cup)

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Quebec v. Kapreburg
Event2019 MFF World Cup Semi finals
Date29 July 2019
VenueCitafield, Citadelle, Quebecois FSR, Quebec
RefereeSaif Hassan (UAE)

The People's Federation of Quebec defeated the Empire of Kaprebrug, 30-19 on 29 July 2019, in the semi finals of the 2019 MFF World Cup at Citafield in Citadelle, Quebec. The result is notable as one of the biggest shocks in the tournament's history.

After half time, the Kapresh team declared that the game was unfair because of the controls. After an investagation by the MFF it was declared that the game was fair and the Kapresh had a disadvantage because of the Kapresh playing "too ruff" and the ruff play had created small cracks on the teams device.

At the time of the second half the Kapresh needed six extra points to win, the Quebecois would later get the most goals in Quebecois history and MFF history that is why the game is dubbed one of the biggest shocks.


This was Kapreburg's World Cup debut, the Football Association having boycotted the previous friendlies owing to a dispute with the President of MFF, Aidan McGrath. Quebec attempted to trick the Kapresh team by getting the team to do a "practice" with the Quebecois. After the Quebecois beat the Kapresh in the "practice", the Quebecois team later stated that was the official MFF match between the two nations. Later the Kapresh team threaten to boycott the MFF World Cup, the current referee, Saif Hassan had decided to do a rematch.