Québécois Empire

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Flag of Québécois Empire
The Baustralian Empire
The Baustralian Empire
Administrative centerCascadia, Baustralia
Working languageEnglish
TypeGroup of realms governed by the King of Baustralia
• Monarch
John I
Establishment31 July 2017 as U.M.O.W.
• Turned to commonwealth
29 December 2017
• Imperialization
14 April 2018
CurrencyBoerc (ᛒ; BAB, ONB, WNB)
Time zoneUTC-5; UTC-4 (Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone)

The Baustralian Empire (frm. Baustralian Commonwealth, also Commonwealth of Baustralia) is the geopolitical organization governing member states. It is comprised of 3 states, one of which is a Baustralian Dominion.

It was formed by His Majesty John I of Baustralia (then Jacob I) with Lord Timpson, Duke of Cascadia after the UMOW failed due to it's facist sounding name, even though its purpose was different. They decided that, in favour of promoting positive public relations, they would take a new approach to the union.


Original founding

Original flag, based off of the EU, it's model, and the three states with stars, and the blue representing Baustralia.
Second flag, redone to lose the ties to the EU to seem independent. Also, based off of the Baustralian Flag, but a tricolour instead of a pale.
Redone after ceding of STIF-B to Baustralia. Tricolour changed to pale.
Current flag, stars added to represent the three member states, and it's model, the EU.

The Baustralian Commonwealth was formed to create a free trade, and free travel aggrements


Head of the Commonwealth

The Head of the Commonwealth is the King of Baustralia, and is in a hierarchical structure.


List of Heads of the Commonwealth
Name Reign Preceding
Royal Standard of Jacob I.png
Jacob I of Baustralia
20 June 2017 - 2 July 2017 Throne established.
Royal Standard of Baustralia.svg
John I of Baustralia
2 July 2017–present Himself as Jacob I

Viceroys of the Empire

The Viceroys of the commonwealth are directly appointed by the monarch of Baustralia. They are the viceregal representatives of HM The King in imperial realms.


List of Viceroys in 2018
Country Flag Name Appointed
Flag of the Baustralian Antarctic Territory.svg Baustralian Antarctic Territory None
Governed by Parliament
Flag of the Dominion of Edstmae.svg Edstmae Flag of the Edstmanian Governer.svg Royal Standard of the Princess of Wabasso.svg Her Royal Highness Katelynn of Wabasso, Governor of Edstmae 14 April 2018 by John I
Flag of the Fox Islands.svg Fox Islands None
Governed by Parliament
Flag of the Empire of Ostreum.svg Ostreum Flag of the Ostreum Viceroy.svg Standard of the Viscount Parker.svg Viscount Parker, Viceroy of Ostreum 14 April 2018 by John I
Flag of the Dominion of Wangatangia, redrawn.svg Wangatangia Flag of the Wangatang Governor General.svg Standard of the Governor of Blairtopia.svg His Excellency Blair W. Hardwick the Governer-General of Wangatangia, OW CKB 2 January 2018 by John I, and Jacob Mayjames
Some viceroys have two standards. The standard on the left is the vice-regal standard. The right one is personal.

Governors of the Commonwealth

The Governors of the commonwealth are directly appointed by the monarch of Baustralia. They are the viceregal representatives of HM The King in administrative divisions of commonwealth realms.


List of governors in 2018
Division Name Appointed
None as of January 2018