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Pun Watta Thought

Schools of thought

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Classical Wattism

Classical Wattism is Pun Watta Thought in it’s purest form, derived from the concepts and theories of Pun Watta. It is the most popular and widely known form of the ideology.

Libertarian Wattism

Libertarian Wattism mixes social democracy and libertarianism with Wattism. It is popular within the Liberal Party of Orientia.


A form of libertarian Wattism, Montanism-Wattism combines Leon Montan Thought and Pun Watta Thought, implementing Wattism’s guild socialist views along with Montanism’s more libertarian governing style.


Anarcho-Wattism is a more radical form of libertarian Wattism, advocating little control from the state and the abolishment of authoritarianism.

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