Prusso-americans programs

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with the prusso-american empire now on the stage, we need to talk about the various programs they run, all of this gets funded by taxes or outside funds like donations.

the space program

the empire has sent weather trackers and cameras to space, this helps us keep track of what is happening and this goes onto a computer mainfraim in the empire, the program gets 100000 dollers in funding every year, next we have the national sports teams, they got men in tennis, pingpong, and bowling hoping they can become professionals to get money and help fund us. this gets 57000 a year, then we have the HELP program that helps living condicions, gives to the poor, and do that stuffm, this gets 35000 a year, thats it for the programs in the empire.

There is a new program called LAD it is supposed to put it on a larger stage, mainly thru buying land This gets ten thousand year

also fib, the federal investagation department, this gets the most funding. over a mil a year. it has solved many cases.