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Prsänëan Spelling Reform

The Prsänëan Spelling Reform was a rehaul of the alphabet and spellings of the Prsänëan language by the Prsänëan Language Regulation Board starting on June 9 of 2012. The aim of the reform was "to make Prsänëan simpler and more attractive for others to make use of our language".


Prsänëan had originally used a thirty one letter alphabet, which included fifteen letters with diacritic marks. Most of the diacritics used were uncommon. Typing the language required a large bank of unique characters and made usage more time consuming.


The modifications to the Prsänëan language were mostly limited to the replacement of special characters instead with multigraphs. An exception was the change of the old letter "Ç", which was previously similar to "s", to "Sch", which now carries a sound closer to "sh".

Letter Replacement
 Ç  Sch
 Ḙ Enn
Ĝ Gsch
 H̱  Hn
Ɨ  Ie
Ĵ  Js
Ộ  Oo
P̃  Ph
Ṽ  Vp
Ẋ  Cxh
Ȳ  Yje