Prsänëan Language Regulation Board

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Logo of the PLRB

The Prsänëan Language Regulation Board (Abbreviated: PLRB; Prsänëan: Cønschëlär Ejavärëläsoonarë Løgvëj Persänëtagarë) is the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa government ministry in charge of the administration, regulation and creation of the Prsänëan language used primarily the Republic. The agency's primary operations are the upkeap of wiki articles on the language, the publishing of a Prsänëan language dictionary, THE Unabridged Dictionary of the Prsänëan Language, and the writing of a guide for the language. During July 2012, the Board established the Prsänëan Language Institute for educational purposes on the language, and acts as the overseeing body of the Institute.

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