Prsänëan Calendar

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The Prsänëan Calendar is the official dating system used in the Grand Duchy of Prsänëa as a cultural artifact alongside the more widely used and understood Gregorian Calendar. The calendar utilizes both original Roman and modern English months alongside Soviet and Celtic influences. The Calendar begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st of the Gregorian Calendar, including Gregorian leap years, whilst using the separate internal divisions of the year.



The calendar uses a system of five day weeks, totaling seventy three weeks exactly in a common year. There are six weeks in each month, except Midsummer, which has only one week. The final day in each week, Freed, along with the first and sixteenth days, both a Sol, in each month, are considered the "weekend" in common parlance, while the other four are the "week". The entire month of Midsummer is a holiday, along with Intercalare, the leap month added to the end of the calendar. The one day of the month of Intercalare, during leap years, is referred to as "Jumaat", regarding the day. This is considered the one equivalent to the English "Saturday".

English day Calendar name English pronunciation Esperanto translation
Monday Sol "sōl" Sono
Tuesday Lun "lun" Luno
Wednesday Iath "ē-ath" Iaco
Thursday Petak "pe-tak" Petako
Friday Freed "frēd" Frido

Weeks in a month can also be referred to by number, such as "first", "second", "third", etc. Therefore, it is possible to give an absolute date by saying "the third Iath of Decembre" in addition to "Decembre 13th".


Thirteen months make up the common Prsänëan calendar, and fourteen in leap years. Twelve of these are each thirty days in length, and the thirteenth, Midsummer, is only five, while the fourteenth, Intercalare, is only one. Use of the Intercalare for leap years occur on the same schedule as the Gregorian Calendar.

# Calendar name English pronunciation Esperanto translation
1 Januare "jan-ū-ār" Januaro
2 Februare "feb-roo-ār" Februaro
3 Marte "mart" Marto
4 April "ā-pril" Aprilo
5 Mae "mā" Mejo
6 Iune "yoon" Juno
7 Midsummer "mid-sum-er" Somermezo
8 Quintil "kwin-til" Kvintilo
9 Sextil "seks-til" Sestilo
10 Septembre "sep-tem-ber" Septembro
11 Octobre "ok-tō-ber" Oktobro
12 Novembre "nō-vem-ber" Novembro
13 Decembre "de-tsem-ber" Decembro
14 (leap years) Intercalare "in-ter-cal-ār" Interkalado


The start of the Prsänëan Calendar is in the year 1903, which unlike the Gregorian Calendar, constitutes year 0. This year is significant for the first successful controlled test run of a heavier than air craft by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. Years prior to this are labeled as "BHF", an abbreviation of the statement "before heavier [than air] flight". Years afterwards are either unlabeled or used with the abbreviation "AA", which officially standards for "Aviation Age". Variants of this statement include the "airplane", "aircraft", "airport" and "airline" ages, in addition to referencing the United States airline, American Airlines. Year 0 in the calendar is also known formally as the "Year of Wright", whereas other years would be formally stated as "the first, second, etc. year of the Aviation Age/before heavier flight".

Gregorian year Prsänëan year
3000 BCE 4902 BHF
1 CE 1902 BHF
1492 CE 411 BHF
1903 CE 0 (Wright)
1945 CE 42 AA
2009 CE 106 AA

Comparison of dates

Gregorian date (common) Prsänëan date Prsänëan day of week
January 1st Januare 1st Sol
January 31st Februare 1st Sol
February 1st Februare 2nd Lun
March 1st Februare 30th Freed
March 2nd Marte 1st Sol
April 1st April 1st Sol
May 1st Mae 1st Sol
May 31st Iune 1st Sol
June 1st Iune 2nd Lun
June 30th 1st of Midsummer Sol
July 1st 2nd of Midsummer Lun
July 5th Quintil 1st Sol
August 1st Quintil 28th Iath
August 4th Sextil 1st Sol
September 1st Sextil 29th Petak
September 3rd Septembre 1st Sol
October 1st Septembre 29th Petak
October 3rd Octobre 1st Sol
November 1st Octobre 30th Freed
November 2nd Novembre 1st Sol
December 1st Novembre 30th Freed
December 2nd Decembre 1st Sol