Provisional status of Ikonian mandates

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Mandatory Kangarii
Flag of Mandatory Kangarii
Coat of arms of Mandatory Kangarii
Coat of arms
Motto: Cherish freedom
StatusMandate of Ikonia
• Monarch
Cameron I
• High Commissioner
Karlos Fehrman
Mandate assigned
• Ikonia assumes control
8 March 2019
CurrencyIkonian Kyro (IKO; κ)
Calling code+1

Mandatory Kangarii is a mandate after the claimation of Karlos Fehrman's personal household room. As it was mandated, by law it is able to return to its prior state, upon request of the High Commissioner.

High Commissioner

High Commissioner flag

The High Commissioner serves as the head of government as can impose new laws, prohibit items, and the sorts.

The inaugural Commissioner is Karlos Fehrman, who was given the position with his consent on 8 March 2019, and still serves to date.