Provisional State of Klitzibürg

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Provisional State of Klitzibürg

Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg (Velkovévodství Klitzibürg)

2 May 2019 — 4 May 2019

small territory in Prague
Capital cityBrüm
Largest cityBrüm
Official language(s)Czech
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy (de facto absolute monarchy)
- Grand DukeHM Nicholas I., Grand Duke of Klitzibürg, Viscount of Körpenque, Count of Brüm, Mayor of United Provinces, Inspector of Nordstand, Lord of Indürd, Sir of Knight Order of Middle Europe
Established2 May 2019
Area claimed5 m²
Time zone(UTC+1)

This was provisional state of Klitzibürg. It was founded 2 May and canceled 4 May This state hasn´t motto, anthem, or any state symbol. Grand Duke was only citizen and capital city was in all of state