Provisional People's Government (Viadalvia)

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Provisional Peoples Government
Vjerderwer Returging Viadalci


The Rage of the People
Slavikan March
Capital citySoyloz
Official language(s)English ,Dutch,Viadalvian
Official religion(s)Atheism
GovernmentSociaist Republic
- ComeradeTim Van Leeuen
- General-SecreatryRobert Erasmus
Established1 September 2013
Time zoneJST (UTC+9)

The Provisional Peoples Government of Viadalvia (Vjerderwer Returging Viadalci) was a self proclaimed Soviet socialist republic that existed within the territories of Alenkandar and Mainland. It was created after the new law in Viadalvia Its one of the 3 fractions of the Viadalvian Civil war It surrenderd in 2 October 2013