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Peoples Republic of Viadalvia
Viadalvian Soviet.pngEmblem of Viadalvia (SSR).png

Workers unite
In the North of Viadalvia
Capital cityNew Leningrad
Largest cityNew Leningrad
Official language(s)Dutch Viadalvian Russian
Short nameNorth Viadalvia
DemonymNorth Viadalvian
GovernmentMarxist–Leninist single-party state
- ChairmanTim Van Leeuwenburg
CurrencyNorth Viadalvian Ruble
National animalBear
North Viadalvia, officially the Peoples Republic of Viadalvia  (Viadalvian Pejoplos Republeike daz Viadalcia), is a  micronation made up of the north of Viadalvia The country is a One-party Marxist-Lenninist communist state governed by the Communist Party , with its seat of government in the capital city of New Leningrad. Its bordering Holland from the north and Derskov-Viadalvia from the south


North Viadalvia is founded as the Confederation of the North on September the 5th On September the 10th The communists took over in the confederacy and found the Peoples Republic of Viadalvia Viadalvia was in a crises and the Soviets made a Alliance with Viadalvia to fight angist the self-declared Viadalvian Empire Afther defeat the empire ther still hold ther inderpendence and become good frends with Viadalvia


North Viadalvia is a self-proclaimed Marxist–Leninist state. The North Viadalvian government is reported to be powerful and less limited than in traditional republics. The constitution describes the Communist Party as the "leading party of the state and society". The leader of the Communist Party is concurrently the President of North Viadalvia Tim Van Leeuwenburg. North Viadalvian national legislature, the People's Soviet, is the largest organ of power. The Supreme Court of North Viadalvia serves as the nation's highest judicial branch of the state's leadership. It is also the court of last resort for all appeals against the rulings of provincial courts


The Ministry of the People's Armed Forces maintains the Viadalvian Proletarian Army (VPA), which serves as the military force of the country. The Viadalvian Proletarian Armed Forces is the name for the collective armed personnel of the North Viadalvian military. It has four branches: Ground Force, Naval Force, Air Force, Special Operations Force.


North Viadalvia is located on the north side of Alenkandar region It's neighbor is South Alenkandar, governed by Derskov-Viadalvia. The North border is governed by The Netherlands