Province of Colat

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Province of Colat
(Furlan) Provincie dal Colàt
Seal of the Province
Founded July 2007
Lord Alice Zanori
Captain Regent Vacant
Chief Town Col
Registered Inhabitants 9
Inhabitants (de facto) 9
Official language(s) Italian; Furlan
Jurisdiction Yuniversan Government

The Province of Colat (in furlan Provincie dal Colàt) is a Province of the Decracy of Yunivers.


The name "Colat" comes from the friulian word "Colàt", who means evil mountain.


The region is mountainous, characterized by rugged ravines and dense forests.


The major cities are the chief town Còl, who hosts the biggest military base of Yunivers, and Castellirs.


The few roads of the region are hiking trails and bridle paths.