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Proletariat Union (Koya)

The Proletariat Union is a minnor opposition communist party in Koya. The party is often viewed as the immediate successor of the Communist Party of Koya, which was founded in 6 April 2013. It is the second minnor political party in the Republic of Koya, after National Patriotic Front. The youth organisation of the party is the Yunger Proletariat. The party is administered by the President.The party's stated goal is to establish the People's Republic of Koya with Stalinism As result of the political crisis in Koya and the establishment of the People's Republic of Koya political parties other than the National Unity Party were suspended.

Proletariat Union
PresidentStein Dros
Youth wingYunger Proletariat
IdeologyStalinism Maoism
National affiliationKoya
Official coloursRed and Gold
Legislative Diet
1 / 5
Party flag
Communist Party of Koya flag.png