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Proletarian People's Federative Republic
Motto: "Workers of the world, unite!"
and largest city
Official languagesNone
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Irish
Recognised regional languagesEnglish, Irish
Ethnic groupsWhite
GovernmentFederal Republic
• Chairman of the People’s National Congress
Jay R.
• Declaration of the Union
CurrencyUS dollar, Euro
Date formatdd-mm-yy
Drives on theright

The Proletarian People's Federative Republic is micronation founded on April 5th, 2021. It is a federative republic with a bicameral legislature, and is headed by the Chairman of the People's National Congress Jay R.


The name of the PPFR is meant to be as simple as possible. “Proletarian” was chosen to indicate the lack of a political elite class. “People’s” indicates that the people of this nation are in possession of it, no one else. “Federative Republic” is the descriptor of the government system and shows the nation's dedication to democracy.


The nation proper came about as a filling of a perceived niche in conjunction with the need to experiment with a system of governance the founders believed in. It is both a statement on the efficacy of socialist republics and a direct evolution of it’s founders’ ideological beliefs. A year prior to its' founding, it was discovered that Micronationalism existed and the founders immediately jumped at the idea, but were quickly burned out of the idea. A resurgence in the idea came in January and they set to work adapting the Brezhnev Constitution of the Soviet Union to fit the modern day and their own ideological beliefs in a way that they believed would be a more equitable society.