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#REDIRECT:[[List of political parties in Sabia and Verona]]
|name_english = Progressive Coalition
|name_native = Prögrecıvik Alüak <br> ناشقابهف تابهک
|logo = [[File:PA - NT logo.png|200px]]
|colorcode =
| leader1_title = Leader
| leader1_name = Nürul Man Baraan
|foundation = 2013
|dissolution = 2014
|headquarters = [[Caenia]]
|newspaper =
|membership =
|membership_year =
|ideology = [[w:Progressivism|Progressivism]] <br> [[w:Environmentalism|Environmentalism]]
|position = [[w:Centrism|Centre]] to [[w:Left-wing|Left-wing]]
|national =
|colors = [[w:Teal|Teal]]
|seats1_title = [[Chamber of Deputies (Sabia and Verona)|Chamber of Deputies]]
|seats1 = {{ParlSeats|2|20|hex=#007F7F}}
|seats2_title =
|seats2 = 
|flag =
|footnotes =
The '''Progressive Coalition''' ([[Sabian language|Sabian]]: ''Prögrecıvik Alüak''; [[Pashqar language|Pashqar]]: ناشقابهف تابهک, ''Nashqäbëf Tabëk'') or '''PA - NT''', sometimes simply called '''the Coalition''' was a [[Sabia and Verona|Sabioveronese]] [[w:Electoral coalition|electoral coalition]] of [[w:Centrism|centrist]], [[w:Centre-left|centre-left]] and [[w:Left-wing|left-wing]] political parties formed in June and July 2013 to represent opponents of both the government of [[Socialist Party (Sabia and Verona)|Socialist]] [[Napoléon Bleuberrie]] and the [[w:Conservatism|conservative]] [[Unity Party (Sabia and Verona)|Unity Party]]. In 2014 the Coalition has decreased in popularity and by the time it dissolved out of the three parties that composed it only two minor political movements are members of the Coalition. It was founded by [[Ann Stefanović]], leader of the [[Initiative for Democracy]], a centrist [[w:Social liberalism|social liberal]] party and one of PA's founding members. It is Sabia and Verona's first electoral coalition.
Following the dissolution of the [[Roots Party]] in 2014 the Coalition was composed of two parties: the [[Initiative for Democracy]] and the [[Pashqari People's Party]]. In 2013 the Progressive Coalition has a membership of 34, and it was the largest political organisation in Sabia and Verona and the second largest in [[Juclandia]] after the [[United Revolutionary Front (Juclandia)|United Revolutionary Front]] of [[Jucărești]]. It was officially dissolved in June 10, 2014 by its last leader and Stefanović's successor, Nürul Man Baaran
Alliances and co-operation between political parties in Sabia and Verona had been going on since the creation of third parties during the government of [[Osez Kóvérsz]]. The [[Strawberry Party]] (XAM) and the [[Free Suyu Front]] (FSF) were an example of this, and in May 2013 the FSF and the XAM merged into the [[Roots Party]]. On June 2013, the [[Initiative for Democracy]] headed by Ann Stefanović initiated talks with Roots, and in June 28, 2013 both parties held a joint congress in which it was decided they would form a coalition, creating the first electoral alliance in Sabia and Verona. On July 2013 the [[Pashqari People's Party]] became part of the Coalition. Later that month, the Coalition announced they had elected Stefanović to represent them in the [[Sabioveronese general election, September 2013|September 2013 general election]]. PA-NT won the election with 75% of the overall vote, and it became the government coalition in October 1, 2013. The Roots Party dissolved in February 2014 during the transition of Juclandia into the [[Federal Juclandia|Federation]]. When Stefanović's term ended the Initiative for Democracy decided not to participate in the [[Sabioveronese general election, March 2014|March 2014 election]], while the Pashqari People's Party participated on its own. Later during the campaigns PPM leader Lukas Pondstone announced the party had officially left the Coalition. Stefanović made no statements regarding the Initiative's position, and finally in June 2014 PA - NT leader Nürul Man Baraan announced the Coalition's dissolution.
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