Principality of Stella

The Principality of Stella, simply known as Stella, is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire and was established on the 30 June 2016. Its predecessor was the Kingdom of Bosmansk, which Stephen I & II was its Monarch. Nicholai Frediksson became the first Prince of Stella until his abdication and was succeeded by Damian Billbrough. On 11 April 2017 after an Imperial Decision the Imvrassian Prince Aggelos appointed as Prince of Stella. In 18 May 2016, the Principality's territory expanded with the annexation of Visanthia, a former Imvrassian Theme, located in Greece. On 8 August 2017 Prince Aggelos abdicated from the throne due to his non-micronational obligations.

Principality of Stella
Flag of Stella.png
Coat of arms of Stella.png
Coat of Arms

Poland and Greece
Capital cityTBA
Largest cityTBA
Official language(s)English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- MonarchTemporary vacant
- Type - unicameral
Established30 June 2016
This is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire

Administration division

The territory of the Principality is divided into Counties. The Prince of Stella, as Sovereign, appoints in each County a Count or an Earl.

Name Ruler Administrative subdivisions
Kałęga TBA
Kobylgrad-Lipsk TBA
Jiansk TBA