Principality of Penghu

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澎湖公国 (cmn)
Principality of Penghu (eng)
Prinzipat Penghu (ger)

Penghuflag.png    Penghucoa.png
National Anthem:
(Peace, National Construction, Development!)
Capital Magong

Official languages Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English, German

Government Unitary Minsheng Single-party state
— Lord Governor Wang Lianguo
— Lieutenant Governor Zhu Wangshu

Established 10 August 2018

— Claimed territories 141.1 km2
— De facto 0.4 km2

— Claimed territories 102,255
— De facto 17

Population density
— Claimed territories 720/km2
— De facto 42.5/km2

Currency Penghu Yuan

Time zone UTC+8

Drives on the Left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Metric system

The Principality of Penghu is an East Asian and European state — considered a micronation — claiming an archipelago of 90 islands and islets in the Strait of Taiwan.


On 10 August 2018, Penghu County, previously part of the Republic of China on Taiwan, has declared itself independent as the Principality of Penghu. It was established by the Restoration Society (興會 Xìnghuì) and is centered around the Two Principles of Restoration, namely: People's Welfare (民生 Mínshēng) and People's Initiative (民创 Mínchuàng). The Lord Governor, thus head of state and head of government, is Wang Lianguo. In December 2018, the State Council confirmed the hitherto acting Lord Governor Wang Lianguo and elected Zhu Wangshu as the Lieutenant Governor. The state is as of December 2018 only in control of less than one percent of its claimed territory, including overseas territory in Central Europe.


Penghu is governed by the Lord Governor, aided by the State Council. The State Council is elected by the Restoration Society member base for a term of 4 years, whereas the Lord Governor in turn is elected every year by the State Council. There are no term limits. The Lord Governor appoints and dismisses the members of his cabinets at will, except for his deputy, the Lieutenant Governor, who is elected every year by the State Counil as well. The State Council can dismiss and re-elect the Lord Governor at will. The Lord Governor elect does not have to be a member of the State Council prior to his election, but becomes such as soon as he is elected.


The economy of Penghu is service and export-oriented. It is known as a relative tax haven for limited foreign investments. The official currency of Penghu is the freely convertible and floating Penghu Yuan. Despite its nature as a micronation, its economy does yield astonishing results. This fact is mostly due to the role of the service sector.


The primary mission of the Penghu National Armed Forces is national defense and catastrophe relief.