Principality of Ledilia

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Coat of Arms
Motto: "Princeps pacis liberatisque deservo"
and largest city
New Gandolfo
Official languagesItalian, English, Esperanto and Ledilish (official)
Recognised national languagesDialetto Ledile, Swahili, Danish
Recognised regional languagesDialetto Ledile, LOLspeak, Flemish
Ethnic groups95% Italian, 5% Kenyan.
  • 85% Christianity
  • 15% None/Other
DemonymEN: Ledilian, Ledilish. IT: Ledile, Lediliano, Ledilese.
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Prince of Ledilia
Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia
• Prime Minister
John Wolf
House Commons
House of Leeds
Independence from Italy
• Principality established
14 February 2019
• Declaration of Indipendence
21 February 2019
• Current constitution
7 June 2019
• Total
1.180 km2 (0.456 sq mi)
• Water (%)
> 30%
• Estimate
30 civillians, 12 residents.
├Female: 5
└Male: 25
• Density
0.40/km2 (1.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
IA£ 10,029.03 (2019)
very high
• Per capita
IA£ 17,000.53 (2019)
CurrencyIlinsky Alfrenki Ledit, Euro.
Time zoneCEST, CET
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy; yyyy-dd-mm;
Drives on theright
Calling code+39
Internet TLD.led

The Principality of Ledilia, commonly known as Ledilia (/ˈLedilia/ Leh-dee-lee-ah) is a self-declared independent state, or more commonly known as a micronation to foreign observers based in Italy, Ledilia is a landlocked Micronation near to the Lake Lake Albano bordered by different mansions Ledilia is a peaceful principality wanting to change the citizens mind and to do a good life, Ledilia is a unitary parliamentary costitutional monarchy ruled by Prince Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia, The Capital is New Gandolfo and also the biggest, The Official languages are Italian, other recognised languages are English, Esperanto and Ledilish, the most known national languages are Dialetto Ledile, Swahili and Danish; recently most used regional languages are LOLspeak and the famous Dialetto Ledile and in minority Flemish, In Ledilia you could commerce with widely Euros and in minority with Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit due it's cost of printing and low exchange values.

The Ledilian economy is mainly based on the first and the last sector, the secondary is the barely developped; the primary sector in Ledilia is based on planting Coffee, Apples, Oranges, Cherries and Strawberries, on Woodchopping and on planting Mint. The secondary sector is based on producing Pasta and Cakes. The tertiary sector is based on House rental, printing Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit by the Zecca di Ledilia, by doing Imports and Exports nationally and worldwide, Ledilia fill their place with a 3/5 of Economic Potential Index and a 2,6/5 of Micronational Power Index And can classify itself ad "Unrecognised Nations".

For more information see Economic Potential Index.

Ledilia, formely known as Empire of Ledilia, Principality of Ledlia and the Ledilian Imperial Federation are the old names of this micronation which made suffer many people part of it, this country has a long history to explaing but you can do it on your own by looking out History. This country nowdays is part of the Grand Unified Micronational as observer.


The Name Ledilia it's an Italian word That means Construction. Ledilia it's in favour of the Prince's and New Gandolfo's building, which it's Tall.

Formal Names

20 September 2018 - 23 October 2018: Empire of Ledilia

3 November - 1 December: Principality of Ledlia

1 December - 29 Jenuary: Ledilian Imperial Federation

14 February - Present: Principality of Ledilia

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The Empire of Ledilia

The Empire of Ledilia, predecessor of the Principality of "Ledlia", This Empire was founded by Manuel I°, Manuel I° was really angry and wanted more and more terrain and so did many wars, Wars that are still in the History of Ledilia are the Tomeonian Wars, The Lenton Battle with North Tomeone and the Main alliances with North Tomeone, we can't find many artifacts about that era, we found different firearms and nerf left behind.

The First Tomeonian Wars with North Tomeone

Tomeone, an italian micronaton was the first micronation known from the Manuel I°, Tomeone gave him the inspiration to start a micronation, So he started the Empire of Ledilia, That time out of nowhere came out North Tomeone, He allied with it, North tomeone became the first enemy of Tomeone beacuse Nort Tomeone burned the Tomeonian Flag and also more things happened, The first war was declared with the Lenton Battle with Axis The Imperial Ledilia and North Tomeone and with Allies Tomeone and the Duchy of Cidlia.

The Plan Anti-Ledilia and the Anti-Tomeonian League

Ledilia arrived to diplomatic treaties but there was a real weak peace, North Tomeone got out from the situation, Manuel I° tried to stop and activate the plan "T", This means that the Ledilia of that age was under lockdown and under military patrols, The border was often raided multiple times, If there was offensive to Tomeone they could start a war, It was our end but one day, In November, Manuel I° surrendered and got arrested from Tomeone and closed in their Bautzen forever.

Before this whole happened, Manuel I° this make an Anti-Tomeonian League and send some spies in Tomeone, his plan failed and the spies got captured and sent to bautzen.

The Ledilian-Tomeonian Civil War

During this wars, Tomeonian Immigants in Ledilia revolted and made many riots, Imperial Ledilian army tried to stop it up, Multiple alarms where made from the Emperor, This took to a problem, The Emperor used lethal force, he Tortured with cages and gasses, That took many immigrants to leave back Ledilia.

The Foundation of the "Principality of Ledlia"

Reconstruction of the Principality of Ledlia Flag

Ledlia, the Predecessor of Ledilia was a pacific principality made by Manuel II°, Son of Manuel I°; Manuel II° wanted to forget about his dad and wanted to do a principality that was unified, there the denomyn "Unified Principality" came out, his projects suddendly break when he mets Combo, Combo gives him an Idea of Imperial Federation, There the Ledilian Imperial Federation Came out, The "Ledilism" was created and the first signs of the Tzar changings came out, Manuel II° threw his projects after 20 days in the flush and stopped it, in Jenuary the LIF died.

The Foundation of Ledilia

This is the old Ledilian Flag which was adopted by the Ledilian Imperial Federation

Ledilia was originally founded by the two dinasties, Romanov and Latinov, This two dinasties were at war but just one guy, named Davide Romanov got the Idea to ally with the Latinov dinasty, the two dinasties were at war but they passed on it, He met Checco Latinov and decided to start his project to found his first micronation, but the micronation had different standards, many ideas came out from Checco and Davide, But how did the two dinasties ally? They was thinking about the dad of Davide, Lorenzo di Cedilia, Duchy of the Gran Duchy of Cedilia, they walked to his tomb with this ideas but suddendly Checco saw some numbers in the top of the Lorenzo's tomb, There was some numbers, They searched up and found that those numbers were coordinates, they traveled there and found out some coins and a sword with a text on that says: "A mio figlio, unico erede"; Checco took it and gave it to Davide, Davide declared himself Prince and Checco was the highest rank in the new family, the Ledilinski Family.

Many asks why John Wolf is the GS, John wolf, an american with socialist roots came in Italy for start a new life, he met Davide and Checco and he wanted to help for some moneys, that's how their friendship started.


Armed Forces

The Ledilian United Forces are the Ledilian defense corps, their job is to keep Ledilia safe, these forces are made by Army, Navy and Air Force. These three branches are made to protect Ledilia with different regiments.

Ledilian Branches:

Foreign Relations

Ledilian is a micronation open to diplomatic relations, Ledilia itself and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to take contact with other micronations. As today Ledilia is allied with the People's Republic of Tawil and the Principality of Tomeone, Repubblica democratica di Luxe, Republic of Slavistonia and with the United Mideria Empire, Ledilia took part to the Grand Unified Micronational as observer.

Recognised states; no foreign relations

States refused recognition; avoided foreign relations

Full foreign relations

Informal relations; future relations


Taxation in the Principality changes for everything, Every citizens must pay 100 IALs every 3 months as standard taxes, own activities has their own taxes; Taxation is splitted in this different groups.

  • 50 = STATE FUNDS


This is an approximated scheme of the Ledilia government for the state, the cities and the Administrative Regions.

The government is led by the Prince of Ledilia; His Highness Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia, The Prince leads the Principality from the birth to the death, Ledilia is made of a bicameral parliament with use of approving either denying laws along with the Prince and it's Ministers.


The "Union der Parlamentsgebäude (or Parlamentsgebäude)" (IT: "Unione delle case parlamentari") is a bicameral parliament; splitted in the House of Commons and the House of Leeds, the parliament takes decision on laws with the Prince, the parliament has been made to avoid any dictatorship or absolutism, the parliament has it's houses in New Gandolfo, near the ENT.IS Headquarters.


Ministry Minister
Ministry of the Infrastructures Christopher Caruso
Ministry of Interns N/A
Ministry of Public Healthcare N/A
Ministry of Public Defense Tom Hanks
Ministry of Economy and Labour Manfredi Idger
Ministry of Education and Knowledge N/A
Ministry of Immigration N/A
Ministry of Justice N/A
Ministry of Public Relations and Socialization Davide II° di Ledilia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia

Political Parties

Ledilia is a bicameral parliament which has political parties, this political parties are different and follow different Ideologies, they are all administrated by an individual which can take part to micronations affairs or not, the political parties follows a definied criteria which is most used by real life, the political parties are listed down here and have their own page.

Party Name Party Flag Party Leader Ideologies House of Commons Seats House of Leeds Seats
Costrutione COS Polpartcostrutione.png Davide II° Romanov Libertarianism
1 / 9
1 / 3
Ledilian National Conservative Party LCP Polpartconservativenational.png John O' Connor Conservatism
4 / 9
1 / 3
Lega Lediliana LLE Polpartlegaled.png Manfredi Idger Liberalism
3 / 9
2 / 3
Partito Democratico Lediliano PDL Polpartpartitodem.png Checco Ledilinski Socialism
3 / 9
1 / 3


Ledilian primary sector is the most developed sector in Ledilia, Ledilian primary sector is based on Coffee from the African Colonies, Woodchopping, fields of tomatoes and beans, trees of oranges, lemons, apples and cherries; talking about animals in Ledilia we can only find goats that produces Goat milk. Ledilian secondary sector is not much developed like the primary one, we can find different Bakery's but any type of factory or Industry. Ledilian Tertiary sector is well developed, We can find different Movies, a good financial banks and a stable currency with some high periods of tourism; Ledilian tertiary sector is also known for the many rental estates, For example the Gresting rental estates or the Border rental estates; Ledilian Tertiary Sector is also based off on import and export, national and international shipping, Online shops and national products.


Ledilia has its own currency printed by the Zecca di Ledilia every month, its currency is special for the name, it's not a typical one and also strange, The I.A.L is the union of the two different roots of the founders, Unioning the Russian roots of the Prime Minister John Wolf and the Italian Roots. Ledilia stamps starts from 10 and 20 in coins, there are banknotes of 100, 200, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1 Grand IAL, In Ledilia you can trade also in Euros, Kenyan shelling and the Dollars.

This whole can be exchanged for some Chocolate Milk, National drink of Ledilia.

Ilinsky Alfrenki Ledit is based on the Kenyan Shelling Format.



Reading in Ledilia is a key and a sign of being smart, Books in ledilia are like "The first steps: Starting a micronation", or the newest police themed books that is planned to exit in 2021 that talks about a private detective that has to find the criminal and who committed the crime; other books like Harry Potter are best seller and the majority of Ledilian Civillians read it.

Ledilian Literature is based off of international knowledges too, Studying of Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio and many other literature famous authors are studied in Ledilia.


This painting is made from Zulian Valeri and can be found in the art gallery of Grotta Ledilia and Lakewood Kaleski.

In Ledilia there's different types of art, the most develop and researched is the national one, based on expression and symbolism, Ledilian Art can be based of few lines, but has a big meaning for the citizens in Ledilia.

In Ledilia, there are many paintings related the Symbolism, this method bases on a bunch of lines but gives a different emotion.

Video Games

Ledilia is filled of Gamers, those citizens that loves to play video games alone or with Friends, The Prince itself likes it, The most common played games are Minecraft, Roblox and Subnautica. Ledilia has an average of the 45% made of gamers, the listed games are the most played, Also in Ledilia there are many coders and scripters which makes the nation good for computing support.

Entertainment in Ledilia

Ledilian Culture got influenced by the Italian One, most watched movies comes from Italy, The Principality is working to do its own movie during the summer, the government did say some names: "Teenager in Vacanza" and "Il coltello nella piaga" are the names relased from the government, the most famous agency producing films is the "LeMovies", other then national films there are also MANY movies influenced from the Italian culture and the current films, for example "lomorra" or "susburra".


Ledilian music is branded by a major composer, the Prince, the prince itself composed the national athem and the national march along with some famous compositions, In Ledilia there are many type of Music, from classic to pop, from pop to trap, major recording studios are the CidRecordings, the 3SS and the LedMusic.


Ledilian Cuisine is influnced by Italian Cuisine for the major part.

Ledilian most important chefs comes from Italy, The most popular plates are the Mediterrean Salad, The "Matriciana Pasta", Ice creams of all flavors, Homemade bakes with the Damato Bakery.

Ledilia is improving by doing their own plates like:

  • "Ledilian French Toast"; Includes Salami, Cheese, Salad, Tomatoes and Ham, all warmed and ready to be served!
  • "Tricarne Pasta"; Made of Sausages, Tomato sauce, different meats and pecorino powder.
  • "Lake Salad"; Composed of Astice, tomatoes, corn, pickles, onions, feta and beans.
  • "Ledilian Salad"; Composed of cheese, salad, tomatoes and fish.

Typical drinks

The National Drinks is the Ledilian Tradictional Chocolate Milk, Mixed with the finest Chocolate powder and Ledilian Goat Milk, This Drink is mainly drunk.

This is the list:

Holidays and celebrations

There are 9-10 fixed public holidays, The most famous are Christmas week and the Foundation day. This two means and reminds how the Principality was born, Ledilia is filled of Symbols.

Date Name Type Notes
1 January New Year's Day Public holiday First day of the Gregorian calendar
7 February Prince's birthday Principality Public holiday Celebrating His Highness Birthday
14 February Foundation Day Principality Public holiday Celebrating the foundation of the Principality of Ledilia
21 February Armed Forces Foundation Principality Public holiday Celebrating the foundation of the Ledilian Army and the Ledilian Navy
Date varies Easter Sunday Public holiday Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead
27 April Yay Day Principality Public holiday Celebrating the Yay Day, when everyone is happy and does gifts to other ones.
1 May National workers day Public holiday Celebrating the National workers day
2 June Italian Republic's national feast Public holiday Celebrating the Republic's Foundation
Date varies Columbus Day Public holiday Celebrating Christopher Columbus's voyage to the New World
25 December Christmas Public holiday Celebrating the birth of Jesus; festivities


Important Places

For sure, when you arrive in Ledilia you must see something important, Ledilian economy is based also on Estates rental, arrived in Ledilia the most important monuments or Sites to see are:

  • Border Rental Estates and Grestin Rental Estates
  • Gandolfo Barracks
  • Kaleski Barracks
  • Damato Bakery
  • Wallet Street

Main Roads

The Main Ledilian roads are the "Vignha Road" and Esla road that runs up and down and connect every part of Ledilia, In Ledilia there are many types of Roads, from Highways to normal roads, in the main article you can learn more.

City and Administrative Regions

Ledilia spread around Italy and some parts in Kenya, The government then decided to divide the Main Cities and the "Colonies" with different powers and administrated in different methods, the "Colonies" which are Administrative Regions have the right to be represented in the House of Commons (or Leeds), representant of the administrative regions have the right to vote, to request and propose laws, to help in changing laws but in referendums about constitution, about electing a new monarch or any person relative to the Ledilinski Family and the Crown will be denied.

  • City: A city it's declared by the Prince itself, it's administrated by a Mayor and a Duke with his/her family, The Duke is generally part of the "Ledilinski Family", every Duke has the decisional power of the city itself, he/she can decide what the city will have and generally administrate it, after an act the Duke's and its family can't request taxes from the city civilians but can ask for some local issues, donations, can administrate propaganda, can ask for taxes for example local trash and that's it, The mayor will be paid by the Duke, it's generally selected by the Duke and its family and if a tie will come then selected by the House of Commons or via referendum, there are campaigns to be mayor, the Duke will vote as last to confirm the spot, the Mayor has the power to go over the Duke's work and do strategies to keep the city clean, fresh and enjoyable by the population.
  • Administrative Regions: In Ledilia the "Colonies" are itself own Administrative Regions, they will do not be charged with taxes by the State, there is an own government with a Governor which will govern the entire "Colony" or region, the governor has the right to decide laws for the region, the right to issue taxes, to change buildings position but not to change embassies and the representant palace which the representant of the Prince which is generally a member of the House of Commons will stay in for some days and then leave back to the Mainland, the member will check if the region is well administrated, the inflation rate, if the government it's corrupted and if the system works, if any problems will be noted a caution will be issued and the governor fired, the mayor of the region then will take over and new campaigns will start, in a region the national constitution applies at all times even if the judiciary system could be changed and adapted to the region needings, the region is administrated by a council, this council is made of a small chamber which will be a small parliament divided in "ledilini" and "olibini" which represent the right side ideologies and the left side ideologies, this two aren't selected from the governor or the mayor, then we can find the officers made of the immigration office, the taxes office, the guarding office (or police) and the judiciary office which the "head" judge will be in and administrate the judiciary system, the guarding office will administrate security, the taxes the economy and the immigration the state of the civillians, then there's the mayor which governs all the offices and acts if needed and the governor which has more power then them and governs over the entire mall system.

Name Flag Mayor Population
New Gandolfo Flagnewgandolfo.png Davide Ledilinski R. S. R. I° di Ledilia 8
Orchveich Vodor Flagorchevichvodor.png H. P Francesco Quattropietre 1
Grestin Flaggrestin.png John Wolf 1
Damato Flagnewcastledamato.png Checco Ledilinski 2
Administrative Regions
Grotta Ledilia Flaggrottaledile.png Manfredi J. Idger 2
Rotondo Flagrotondo.png Rocco S. Marte 10
Lakewood Kaleski Flaglakewoodk.png Manfredi Idger 5
Kenyatta Ledilianha Flagkenyatta.png Edward K. Kishutu 1


Ledilian main press is administrated by the Government, The main agency is the LBS (Ledilian Broadcasting Service), This service financied by the state does boradcasting messages for all friends, they also do the national journal called "The New Gandolfo Sentinel". The LBS is also incharge of press service, interviews, national journal and of course Administration of the microwiki pages.


Ledilian Government is thinking to buy a TLD and register their domain (.led), for now Ledilia uses the local internet services from Vodafone.

Fun Facts

  • Ledilian Armed Forces are denomined "Ledilian United Forces".
  • The Prince is just 12 years old!
  • Ledilia occupies a good part of territory for a micronation.
  • Ledilian Weaponry are for the major part just nerfs.
  • Ledilia never fought a war from the day Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia became the Prince.
  • Ledilia is an Italian Micronation having problems with a foreign micronation not in Italy.
  • The name "Ledilia" came from the Prince Palace which is very high and big.
  • Ledilia has a small minigame on a game called Roblox.
  • The Ledilian Constitution has only six chapters.

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