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Principality of Hy-Vu

The Principality of Hy-Vu is a micronation founded on at the wishes of the residents of Hy-Vu. Hy-Vu is ruled a Sovereign Prince or Princess with the aid of their privy council.

Principality of Hy-Vu
Flag of Hy-Vu.pngCoA of Hy-Vu.png

super omnem principis
Penwith, Cornwall UK
Capital cityHy-Vu
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- The Sovereign PrincessCathryn
- RegentRobin
CurrencyGB Pound



Hy-Vu is derived from the Palace of the reigning Princess. The Palace name is a play on words high view describing its location


Hy-Vu declared independence from the United Kingdom in 2017. As a young nation much of the nation's history is yet to be written.

Government and politics

The reigning prince holds all power within Hy-Vu as laid out in the First Royal Decree. Laws and other amendments can be added by further royal decrees. The monarch is advised by their privy council members. These members are chosen by the monarch and hold the position for life or until they are dismissed. There is a maximum of six members of the privy council.


Currently all citizens gain income from working in foreign realms. The prince regent Robin has set up the finance ministry and The Hy-Vu National Bank. The crown estate own several types of livestock including sheep and turkeys that are exported.

Foreign relations

Due to the young age of the nation it has yet to make any formal diplomatic relations.

Any one wanting to contact the monarch can do so via email


Currently Hy-Vu has no official military. However there are plans for national defenses to be in place by the end o the year.


Hy-Vu shares its culture with the rest of the islanders of the United Kingdom, it also shares cultural bonds with the Cornish. Cornish is slowly being introduced as an official language, but at the present moment English is the official state language.

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
1 January New Years Day
5 March Saint Piran's Day A celebration for the Cornish people
First Monday in May Princess' State Birthday The monarchs state birthday will be held on this date and is a national celebration rather than the private celebration on the monarch's actual birthday.
1 June Founding Day To celebrate the anniversary of Hy-Vu founding.
25 December Christmas Day
31 December New Years Eve

Due to Hy-Vu being an enclave within the United Kingdom, with many of its citizens working in the UK, Hy-Vu also uses the bank holiday system.