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Principality of Freedonia

The Principality of Freedonia is a micronation based on libertarian principles. It was supposedly established as a "hypothetical project" by a group of US teenagers in 1992, before becoming a new country project in 1997 and attempting to purchase territory. It was headed by a University of Texas student named John Kyle, who uses the title Prince John I.[1][2] In May 2012, Prince Jordan of New Wales relaunched the Micronation and made it a subdivision of New Wales.

New Wales & Freedonia
Freedonian Flag (2012).png

Forever New Wales & Freedonia
South Wales
Capital cityAderyn
Largest cityAderyn (New Wales Capital)
Official language(s)English, Welsh
Short nameNew Wales, Freedonia
GovernmentConstitutional parliamentary monarchy
HRH Prince Jordan
Established(2 January 1997) 4 May 2012
CurrencyPound Sterling (£)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time
National animalDragon


Awdal incident

In late 2000, libertarians James Eric Davidson and Michael van Notten, as the Awdal Roads Company, travelled to the Awdal region of Somaliland with the purposes of constructing toll roads there. The two were erroneously associated with Freedonia because of claims referencing Awdal and the Awdal Roads Company on the Freedonia website. Local authorities reacted strongly to the implication that the foreigners were attempting to establish a new state and deported them. This led to public protests during which one Somali was reportedly shot and killed.[3][4]


While the Freedonia project was active, it had a number of 50 Freedonian dollar 1 oz silver coins minted.[5] It offered these coins for sale on the organization's website.[6]

Current status

Since May, The micronation is making active progress and has expanded its territory to Parts of England and Wales. A New Website is currently being made.


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