Principality of Cathenta

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The Principality of Cathenta is an internet-based micronation founded on 9.5.2011 by "Ozoh" who became the first prince of Cathenta by the name Prince Ozoh.

Principality of Cathenta

"Go for it!"
Capital cityCathenta
Largest cityCathenta
Official language(s)English, Finnish, Dutch
Official religion(s)'¤'
  • Gathering...*
- Prime Minister*None currently*
- PrincePrince Ozoh
LegislaturePrince and Government
Area claimedTBA
CurrencyCathentan Dollar
Time zone(UTC)
National animalWarthog

Official website

Government and politics

The Government consists of five people maximum. They all will be decided by the prince. Every decision the Government does isn't official if the prince hasn't approved it.

Law and order

Prince and Government are the Law and order. Again, every law has to be approved by the prince.


The Principality of Cathenta is defended by Rush Delivery [ЯD], a military order that consists of non-Cathentan people, too.


Official currency is Cathentan Dollar. It's about 2,35 euros. Also, an indie-game company called RDStudios is known to be Cathentan.


Cathenta News is the official newspaper of the Principality of Cathenta. It comes out when there's something to announce about.

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