Principality of Brändholm

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Principality of Brändholm
Furstendömet Brändholm

2013 — 2014

Personal Flag of Wim.png
Personal Standard
Emblem of the Republic of Brändholm.png

For God and Country
March of the Prince
Capital cityBrandfors
Official language(s)Swedish ,English
Official religion(s)State Lutheranism
Short nameBrändholm
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- PrinceWim I (First)
Reinhart (Last)
- Govenor-GeneralLars Vikinsgen
- Prime MinisterWesley Winter

The Principality of Brändholm, was the first incarnation of the Brandholmer state. The state was ruled by 2 princes Wim I and Reinhart The Principality has been disbanded due lack of inactivty and the disappearance of the Prince.