Denise, Princess of Wokoun

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Princess Denise of Kapreburg
Personal details
Born19 November 1968 (1968-11-19) (age 52)
Chicago, Illinois
CitizenshipKapresh, American

Princess Denise of Kapreburg (Born Denise Marie Magdalen Morris, 19 November 1968) is the mother of the Kapresh King Jackson I, and Ryan Walker who is wife to Prince Richard.

Early life

Denise was born on 19 November 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.

She later moved out of Chicago at the age of 2.

Later life and marriages

Denise married Prince Richard in 1998, and had Ryan Walker in 1999.

She later had Jack Morris in 2007.

She currently works as a secretary at a kidney dialysis center.


Well what did you think was gonna happen?
— Princess Denise, 2020


Coat of arms of Denise, Princess of Wokoun
Marriage arms of Prince Richard and Princess Denise of Kapreburg.svg
For Richard, above a wreath of Azure and Or, an artists' palette Proper. For Denise, above a wreath of Argent and Gules, standing upon a mound vert a northern cardinal vigilant Proper supporting a bouquet of carnations Or stemmed Vert.
Per pale, 1st: Per pale Or and Azure, three fishes naiant in pale countercharged, 2nd: Gules, a penguin passant Proper
On either side an angel statant Proper
A ford Proper.