Princess Bishakha

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Princess Bishakha (born 21 January 2013) also known as Bishakha Das is a Vishwamitran royalty and politician in the State of Vishwamitra, who has been a member of the Union Council of Ministers since 2016 serving under the premiership of various Prime Ministers. She is currently serving as the Union Cabinet Minister for Royal Household Affairs in the Second Gheorghe Stefan ministry since 6 March 2021. In addition, she also serves as the representative of the monarch to the territory of Chandrabans.

Personal life

Born on 21 January 2013, Princess Bishakha is the only child and only daughter of her parents, Their Serene Highnesses Prince Biswajit and Princess Momita, who are the maternal uncle and aunt respectively of Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy. She is the first cousin of Dhrubajyoti Roy from his maternal side. She is also the first cousin to Prince Abhiraj, the Deputy Prime Minister of Vishwamitra. She currently studies in second grade at Guru Nanak Higher Secondary School, Guwahati. In 2015, she was diagnosed with the rare Japanese Kawasaki disease, however she recovered from it soon. Currently, she lives at the Princely Palace with her parents.


She is currently serving as the Minister of Royal Household Affairs since 17 June 2020. She was appointed as the His Majesty's Crown Representative of Chandrabans, following the annexation of the territory on 22 December 2020.

Titles, styles and honours

Styles of
Princess Bishakha
Reference styleHer Royal Highness
Spoken styleYour Royal Highness
Alternative styleMa'am

Titles and styles

  • 21 January 2013 - 11 April 2016: Miss Bishakha Das
  • 11 April 2016 - 7 June 2020: The Honourable Bishakha Das
  • 8 June 2020 - present: Her Royal Highness Princess Bishakha

National honours

Federal honours and decorations

Country Date conferred Decoration Ribbon Post-nominals
 Vishwamitra 15 April 2021 – Dame Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the Vishwamitra Order of the Vishwamitra - Ribbon.svg GCV
1 January 2021 – Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the First Ladies[1] Order of the First Ladies - Ribbon.svg LFL
23 January 2021 – Commander of the Most Gallant Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka[2] Order of Mahabali Karthika Padaka - Commander.svg CKP
15 April 2021 – Recipient of the National Service Medal National Service Medal (Vishwamitra) - ribbon.svg NSM
11 November 2020 – Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister 20th Birthday commemorative medal of Arnisha Phatowali-ribbon.svg
30 April – 7 June 2020 Recipient of the Medal "For Services to National Leader II" Medal for services to National Leader II - Ribbon.svg
3 May – 7 June 2020 Recipient of the Investiture Medal of National Leader III Investiture Medal of National Leader III - Ribbon.svg

Provincial and territorial honours

Country Date conferred Decoration Ribbon Post-nominals
 Purvanchal 27 January 2021 – Grand Dame of the Most Noble Royal Family Order of Purvanchal[3] Royal Family Order of Purvanchal - Grand Knight or Dame - ribbon.svg GKOP
 Kamrupa 22 March 2021 – Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the State of Kamrupa Order of the State of Kamrupa - Knight Commander - ribbon.svg KCSK