Prince Regent of Roscam

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Prince Regent of the Kingdom of Roscam
For God, the Roscam Monarchy and Ireland

since 3 November 2021
StyleMr Prince Regent (informal), His Serene Highness (Formal and diplomatic)
StatusActing Head of State
AppointerBy Roscamistan Government when there is no local monarch in Greater Roscam
Term lengthTBD
Inaugural holderAndrew Brotherton
Final holderAndrew Brotherton
Abolished3 November 2021

The Prince Regent of Roscam was the head of the former autonomous region of the Kingdom of Roscam, a special autonomous region of the Province of Greater Roscam in place of the King of Roscam.

History of the position

The position was created to rule over the Regency Soviet that was temporarily heading the monarchy in Greater Roscam until the election in 2022 of the Monarch of Roscam so that the autonomous region could have had a government. The Cabinet of Roscamistan appointed Andrew Brotherton to the Presidency of the Regency Soviet as he was at the time most capable to lead. The position was dissolved in the Reforms of November on the 3rd day of that month due to inactivity.