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The Kingdom of Koya
The Kingdom of Koya flag (1450-1898)

Praise be to Naimbanna
prayer to the gods of Koya
Commander Prince Benjamin

Capital cityGrand Cape Mount
Largest cityCommon Wealth
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Koyan Christianity
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- NationalityKingdom of England
- PrinceCommander Benjamin
- BornLondon, England
Area claimed300 miles
Population300,000 (as of 1705 census)
Time zonefull moon
National sportgladiators
National animalPanthers

The Republic of The Kingdom of Koya is a micronation history founded on the information​ given by historical documents.

in 1618 the Kpelle people King over the Kingdom of Koya sign an agreement in exchange for weapons for slaves the Kpelle people understood english and spoke it very wisely when the Btitish arrived. In 1618 when this major trade agreement to boost the Kingdom of Koya economy. King Eliab Bai ll daughter Princess Zillah escorted commander Benjamin to the guest, Princess Zillah and commander Benjamin had a talk in the guest room and they made love 30 days later Princess Zillah was pregnat by commander Benjamin the British white man from the Kingdom of England. Princess Zillah married commander Benjamin, King Eliab Bai made him a knight and Prince of the Kingdom of Koya makeing him first white English Prince of the Kingdom of Koya. In the year of 1618 King Eliab Bai ll of Kpelle people in the Kingdom of Koya sign the the agreement for the trans Atlantic slave trade.

year 1622 general Esau and commander Prince Benjamamin had been establishing a British Empire for three years conquering all who opposed one day King Mahadene army formesd a line, the British at 25,000 strong fired at there spearman, next the Koyan royal rifleman fired aswell Mahadene front line collapsed Mhadene was in shock, he sent Rebuk and Goma to the battle field 20,000 man strong charged the British Koyan army Esau fired catapults of stone and fired shots also he launched arrows swoosh! the force of the British were so much force along with the Kingdom of Koya as its British allies.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Koya is a constitutional monarchy

Law and order

Laws was strict and very well put what kept order was the Bai rulers basically senators.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Koya traded with The British empire, Portaguel, and other nations.


The Royal armed forces had knights,rifleman,and cannon's and in 1845 there were about 50,000 strong

Geography and climate

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The Kingdom of Koya is a wet and tropical land mass, it flourishs with milk and honey, there are lots of animals, an natural resources this land mass of Liberia and Sierra Leone is worth a net worth of 5 trillion dollars


The Kingdom of Koya traded: Slaves,gold,diamonds,chicken,and iron


The Koyan religion was the most out of the culture, there culture is made up of a power Bloc formation of holy Christianity and the devotion of meditation of Koyan arts.