Prime Minister of Wazakhstan

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Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Wazakhstan
Ned Hilton

since 27 November 2017
ResidenceWaztana (current)
Term lengthVaries
Inaugural holderNed Hilton
Formation27 November 2017
SalaryNone claimed

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Wazakhstan is the head of state. Currently held by His Eminence Ned Hilton, the current position essentially allows for complete control over the nation. As the state's founder, Hilton has previously made all major decisions regarding the development of the nation. The official role currently allows the Prime Minister to appoint members to the cabinet who are the governing body, all representing their different departments. The role also allows for the appointment of Dukes, Archdukes, and members of Executive Councils. Though Executive Council Members can essentially be selected by Dukes of Duchies, this has not yet occurred given the so far brief existence of the nation.

Picture Name Duchy Political party Term Term start Term end Deputy PM Notes
1 NedandEd.jpg HE TMH Ned Hilton PM KOF KM Wazmania Liberal Party 1 27 November 2017 Incumbent James Hodson So far only head of state. Assumes de facto control over all matters.

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