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Prime Minister of Samana Cay

The Prime Minister is the head of state in the Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay and he/she advises the National Council.


The Prime Minister is elected to a five-year term. The Prime Minister cannot run for a second term whether it is consecutive or not. The Prime Minister must be a member of the National Council at the time of his/her election. To win the election, a candidate must receive a simple majority of votes. If no candidate receives this amount, the National Council votes on the winner. A simple majority is needed here too.


  • Chief advisor to the National Council
  • Head of all defense forces
  • Chief diplomat
  • Establish a temporary or special committee
  • Appoints High Court justices for National Council approval
  • Chairs National Council sessions
  • Appoints High Court Chief Justice
  • Can send a failed bill back to the National Council for revote

Prime Minister List