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Prime Minister of Mallanor

Prime Minister of the
Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor
Mallanor Flag.png
The Rt. Hon. Michael Hinnebusch

since 28 April 2014
StyleThe Right Honorable
(Rt. Hon.)
Term lengthone year
Inaugural holderMichael Hinnebusch II
Formation28 April 2014

List of Prime Ministers

Picture Name Term Term start Term end Notes
Michael Hinnebusch II
28 April 2014
19 April 2015
Appointed by King Connor I at the foundation of the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor. Michael Hinnebusch II was the first Prime Minister, but the country was mostly inactive for the majority of his first term.
Michael Hinnebusch II
19 April 2015
Elected in the 2015 Mallanorian National Election in April 2015. He was elected for a second term in a 5-4 vote against Ben Weitzel, his opposition. His second term has been very active so far, with the passage of a Royal Edict, and more to come.