Prime Minister of Hashima (2014-15)

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Prime Minister of the
Principality of Hashima
Deputy Prime Minister of Hashima

since 1 November 2015
Term lengthThree years
Inaugural holderUmberto Fiori
Formation28 September 2014
Salary1000 Lirint of Hashima per month

The Prime Minister of Hashima is the head of government of the Principality of Hashima.
The Prime Minister is choosen by the Prince and Princess of Hashima from a member of the royal family, and its office lasts for all his/her life.
The first Prime Minister of Hashima was Umberto Fiori.

Constitutional role

The main role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the activities of the Parliament of Hashima and co-ordinate the work of its ministers, and to act as the voice and public face of the elected government of Hashima.

List of Prime Ministers

Picture Name Party Term Term start Term end Notes
Umberto Fiori Nationalist Party of Hashima 1 28 September 2014 Proclaimed Prime Minister in the Declaration of Independence.