Prime Minister of Atovia

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Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Atovia
Atovia CoA Lesser.svg
Thomas von Bainbridge

since 14 July 2019
StyleThe Right Honorable
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderChase Nanatovich
Formation5 May 2017

The Prime Minister is the head of government, typically leading the majority party in the House of Commons. The prime minister is selected by the majority party or parties in parliament, then formally appointed by the Monarch. The prime minister is a member of the National Government, and works with the chancellor and ministers to introduce policies into the House of Commons. The prime minister must ask the chancellor to appoint or dismiss ministers, and the chancellor may reject the request.

The current prime minister is Thomas Bainbridge, since 14 July 2019.

List of Prime Ministers

Name Party Portrait Term of office Chancellor Monarch
Position Vacant (5 May 2017 - 18 February 2019) None Connor I
Chase Nanatovich NDP Atovia CoA Lesser.svg 18 February 2019 10 May 2019 Richard Dalton
Erich Thaller CPA Atovia CoA Lesser.svg 20 May 2019 10 June 2019
Milaw Oakforrest NDP Atovia CoA Lesser.svg 18 June 2019 14 July 2019
Thomas Bainbridge NDP KTIOfficial2020.jpeg 14 July 2019 Incumbent
Nicholas Kaos

Time in office

Below is the list of Prime Ministers by total time in office:

  • 1. Thomas Bainbridge - 801 days
  • 2. Chase Nanatovich - 81 days
  • 3. Milaw Oakforrest - 26 days
  • 4. Erich Thaller - 21 days


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