President of New Westphalia

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New Westphalia Flag.png President of New Westphalia New Westphalia Flag.png
Präsident der Republik Neue Westfalen
Dan Morris NW Flag.jpg
His Excellency
Sir Daniel Morris

Formation August 19, 2013 (Official)

Term length One Year (renewable)

Appointed by Popular Election

Inaugural holder Daniel Morris

The President of the Republic of New Westphalia (DE: Präsident der Republik Neue Westfalen, FR: Président de la République de Nouvelle-Westphalie, ES: Presidente de la República de Nueva Westfalia: Scots: Preses o the Republic o New Wastfalia) also known as the President of New Westphalia is the nation's Head of State, with whom all the supreme powers of head of state are trusted. The President is elected by a nationwide popular vote, using a single transferable vote system. It is the duty of the President to represent the state on all occasions, to speak on behalf of the government when required and to pass bills into law.

The President also acts as the speaker of the Assembly, keeping order during debates, however he may not interfere with the legislative process in the Assembly or participate in debates. All bills passed through the Assembly must be signed into law by the President, who reserves the right to reject bills; should the President reject bills, he is required to address the Assembly and advise on why it has been rejected. The bill may then be voted on again, if passed by a straight majority it may go to the President who can reject it one further time. If it is passed by a majority greater than two thirds, it must be signed into law.

The President is sworn into office as the Guardian of New Westphalia and its constitution, the President is required to reject a bill if it is deemed unconstitutional. The President is also responsible for appointing a Chancellor of the Assembly. They may choose any party leader to form a government, but usually it is the leader of the party with the most seats in the Assembly. The President will then invite the new Chancellor of the Assembly to form a government, this allows the newly chosen Head of Government to appoint chancellors to make up his cabinet.

The Office of the President of the Republic of New Westphalia was created upon the foundation of the Republic of New Westphalia during the negotiations for the Merger of Nations between Draega and the C.P.R.S. to be the office of the head of state of the Republic. During the discussions for the Merger of Nations it was agreed that Daniel Morris of Draega would provisionally hold the office and be known as the inaugural holder of the office.

The current President of New Westphalia is Daniel Morris who was appointed to the position the Nineteenth of August, 2013. He is the first head of state for the Republic of New Westphalia.


The President is elected for a renewable term of one year by a nationwide popular vote.

Early Cessation of Presidential Terms

In addition to the official end of a president's term, a presidency may be cut short by; death, illness of disability resulting in the inability to continue with one's duties, a vote of no confidence in the New Westphalian Assembly gaining a two thirds majority, or being found guilty of treason.

In the event of a term being cut short for one of the above reasons the Chancellor of the Assembly is charged with the duty of holding the Office of the President until such time as a new president can be elected. In such a scenario the Chancellor of the Assembly may hold the office no longer than until the end of the natural term of the removed president.


The President of New Westphalia has a number of duties to perform whilst in office. In addition to fulfilling an manifesto based promises the duties of office include:

  • Acting as Presiding Officer during all sessions of the New Westphalian Assembly.
  • Acting as an adviser to government bills after their first reading and vote.
  • Signing bills into law.
  • Acting as the figurehead for government and the Republic in all matters foreign and domestic where required.
  • Representing the Republic at official events where required.
  • Appointing a Chancellor of the Assembly who must then go on to form a government.

Additional duties and tasks must also be fulfilled depending on circumstances and the requirements of government and the Republic at the time.

Presidents of New Westphalia

Styles of
Daniel Morris
Reference styleHis Excellency
Spoken styleYour Excellency
Alternative styleSir

Portrait Name Party Term of Office Notes Government
I Mr morris1.jpg His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris New Westphalian National Party 19 August 2013 - 31 August 2014 Appointed to office. Appointed Whittle as Chancellor of the Assembly to form a Provisional Government. The First New Westphalian Government.
II Mr morris1.jpg His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris New Westphalian National Party 31 August 2014 - 17 July 2015 Second Term The Second New Westphalian Government.
IIII Dan Morris NW Flag.jpg His Excellency, The Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris New Westphalian National Party 16 December 2018 – Present Third Term The Fourth New Westphalian Government.