Premier of the Gymnasium State

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Premier of Gymnasium State
Premiér Státu Gymnázium
František Prášek

since 4 March 2019
StyleMr. Premier
Term length2 months
Inaugural holderFrantišek Prášek
Formation8 January 2018

The Premier of Gymnasium State (Czech: Premiér Státu Gymnázium; formerly Prime Minister of Gymnasium State) is the elected second formal head of state of the Gymnasium State. The Premier is generally considered figureheads, with small role in political affairs. The powers of the Premier has not yet been specified.

The position of Premier was created simultaneously with position of President after dissolution of Socialist State of Gymnasium. It was introduced by the Provisional Constitution and later by Constitution of Gymnasium State.

List of Premiers

No. Photo Name In office Party
Post didn't exist September – December 2017
1 TBA František Prášek January – February 2018 -
2 TBA Tomáš Falešník March - April 2018 -
3 TBA Daniel Švíka May - June 2018 -
4 TBA Jan Švejd July - August 2018 -
5 TBA František Šperl September - October 2018 -
6 TBA Adam Pivetz November - December 2018 -
7 TBA Kryštof Satorie January - February 2019 -
8 TBA František Prášek March - April 2019 SL