Poseidon program

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Posedion program
Posideon mission patch.svg
Country of originIkonia
Responsible organizationJISA
PurposeUnmanned view of earth curvature
Program history
Cost$50 (2019)
Program duration2019-present
Launch site(s)Rokia
Vehicle information
Vehicle typeDrone

The Poseidon program, also known as Project Poseidon, is the first Ikonian spaceflight program carried out by the Joint International Space Administration (JISA), which has yet to begin. The Administrator of JISA will be the operator, and the Deputy Administrator will provide communications between the drone and the flyer. It was first conceived during the foundation of JISA as a one-man operating a drone to seek the curvature of the earth. The Poseidon Program, which he proposed in an address to the Deputy Administrator on 19 January 2019.