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The Union of North American Micronations or more commonly referred to as just UNAM, is a Micronational organization consisting of nine member states. The Union of North American Micronations was founded on July 12, 2006 after the treaty of UNAM was signed. UNAM has its own currency called the Unaro, it has five official languages. UNAM's member states must have a permanent population, defined territory and a stable democratic government. The Current UNAM Presidency State is Amokolia.

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The UNAM Parliament is the main institution in the Union of North American Micronations Responsible for passing UNAM wide policies and laws. Every year the UNAM Parliament opens for its first annual session on September 1st and proceeds to close on July 1st of the same year. The Parliament is made of representatives called MUNAMP's or Members of the Union of North American Micronations Parliament, these are representatives that each member state elects two of to represent the nation that they are from, these representatives have no political authority in their member state.

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Plitvija Lakes

The Plitvja Lakes are a series of lakes situated in Slaventia's national park. The lakes are known for their distinct turquoise color surrounded by a wooded area, the Plitvija Lakes are protected by the Slaventian government.

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Did you know that UNAM's newest member state is the oldest state in the organization? Its true! The Imperium of Dewaco Estates Joined on August 22, 2007 but the nation was founded in the early 1980's the next oldest state is Acadame North which was founded in 1999.


  • August 22, 2007: The Member states of the Union of North American Micronations take part in a Summit to disscuss an open borders agreement.
  • August 27, 2007; UNAM Moves to another forum with improved apearence, it can be found at unam.20.forumer.com

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