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Pinang, officially the Commonwealth of Pinang (Italian: Commonwealth di Pinang), is a landlocked micronation located in Southern Europe with a population of 9 inhabitants and Estosadok-Costituzione as capital. It completely borders with Italy. More informations...

Selected Article

The Monarchy of Pinang (Italian: Monarchia di Pinang) is a political institution of Pinang. The monarch is head of state of Pinang. The second and current Monarch is the current Mayor of New Bazhong. More informations...

Administrative Divisions


Selecred Image

Senatodipinang.png Composition of the National Senate of Pinang.

This Month in History

  • 8/5/2018 The CTASIO is founded by the president Esty.
  • 21/5/2018 The Referendum on Kermadec Union took place in Pinang.

Did you know that

The 2018 Pinang political crisis was been a crisis in the First Republic of Pinang between the Golden Party and the People's Anarchic Party. More informations...